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“When you’re young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. You could break a bone or a heart. You look before you leap and sometimes you don’t leap at all because there’s not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there’s no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?”

~Carrie Bradshaw
Sex and the City


Life Quote Friday, May 25 2012 

love this….


Gossip Guys: It Turns Out Gossiping Might Be Essential For Bromance Thursday, May 24 2012 

As women, we always get the bad end of the stick when it comes to “gossip”. Men especially will throw their 2 cents in as they casually listen to our conversations with our girlfriends and comment on how catty or gossipy we are. But, in fact the whole roles gave been reversed. See, men are just as bad with the gossip. I can remember divulging a secret to my boyfriend about a friend of ours, which I made him swear to secrecy to not tell anyone about this problem. Well, what do you know I happen to overhear a conversation with my boyfriend and 2 other friends of his discussing the “secret”, I of course was infuriated by his actions. Or how bout when the guys get together and hang out they are talking smack about this girl or this guy, how their dressed or who they’re dating. Really, I guess boys will be boys, they gossip just as much as girls. So I found this article and thought it was interesting.

Gossip Guys: It Turns Out Gossiping Might Be Essential For Bromance

by Gena Kaufman
Glamour May 2012

Do you know any guys that are always like, “Ugh, you and your friends gossip sooo much!” but then he secretly listens and laughs, while simultaneously checking TMZ for the latest celebrity news? I do. All of them.

OK, I’m exaggerating, but the point is: everyone gossips. A new study of gossip and its effects on friendships in men and women, originally published in the journal Sex Roles, has revealed some expected and unexpected information. In unsurprising gender stereotypes that are actually true, women tend to gossip more than men. I’d roll my eyes but I’m such a big gossip that I can’t even pretend to deny I’m not totally guilty of being a gossip girl.

Here are some noteworthy gossip stats:

Women prefer to gossip about the physical appearance of others. Sigh. To be fair, it’s not necessarily all catty.

Women were more likely to be up on “social information gossip then men, i.e., who’s dating whom, who broke up, etc.

Men actually are the bigger gossips when it comes to “achievement related gossip” such as information about grades, salaries, and other status-related information.
Most surprisingly however, was the suggestion that gossip can actually strengthen male friendships. Apparently, gossip has a moderately strong effect on male friendships because amongst men, bonding is linked with more status. When a guy has more knowledge and control of information, he has more status. Women, on the other hand, characterize their friendships by communion or intimacy. Gossip doesn’t strengthen female friendships and might even be a threat to them.

Huh. Who knew that gossip, not crushing beer cans on their own foreheads, might be a bro bonding activity?

Are you a big gossip? Is your guy? Does it affect your friendships?


The World As We Know It… Thursday, May 24 2012 

As a lot of you may know the world of the Internet has pretty much evolved into a much higher speed, we want it now, product of research and news forums. We use the Internet for everything in our daily lives. If you think about it when was the last time you went a day without being on your computer or smartphone. You have your social media, news outlets, shopping, gaming, videos, iBooks, and ect. I am one you uses the Internet as part of my job and for personal use. Today, in the headline news in New Orleans only daily newspaper it was stated the circulation of the Times Picayune News Paper will only be delivered on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. This was very disappointing to read, because I kind of suspected that this would soon happen. See, my boss is old school, he’s 62 years old he reads the paper every morning at the office, he doesn’t use the computer, if he needs a document sent to his office it’s only in a fax no email. If he needs a phone number or address to be looked up, he uses this book called “the phone book”. I guess in a sense I’m the same way, I love reading the daily paper in the morning, reading each section of the paper, doing the crossword puzzle, and it’s not the same as the Internet. It just doesn’t feel like you are getting all the news, even though you are. I feel the same way about magazines and books, my family knows that I love to read, you should see my library of books. I love the feel of a book in my hands, turning the pages, and having my books in my sitting area. That’s why my family wanted to get my a reading device that I can read or purchase books and magazines. I just can’t commit to such a device when the world of publications of books, magazines, and newspapers is at the end of the world as we know it. It’s a sad day but I guess it’s slightly hypocritical of me to be out raged by this as I am writing my blog from my computer. Oh well, I guess this was going to happen sooner or later and I will hold out with my favorites as long as possible.


Life Quote Wednesday, May 23 2012 

This is a quote that means a lot to me. There are times in my past that if someone in my life would upset me or do something that would begin a flow of emotions (mostly anger), it would be very difficult to let it go. So instead of forgiving the person I would react in a defensive character or retaliate to their level. My parents have always told me, if someone is gossiping about you or being difficult to deal with, that it’s better to let it go. Because in the end you will come out as a genuine person and they will not amount to the person that my parents have taught myself and brothers to be in life. It’s hard to not hold a grudge but, its a lot easier to take the high road and feel better about yourself and hope that the other party will see their mistakes that they have made down the road. My parents instilled values and morals in us as children. I think in today’s world that parents are missing those same attributes to give their children. We grow up hating this and disliking that, because of what we learn from our peers. We forget that at a young age younger people are at an impressionable age, we forget that the bigger picture isn’t that you didn’t stand your ground but you became a stronger individual. I can recall periods in my life that I would fight tooth and nail to make good on my hurt feelings, but in reality it was making me weak and decided it was best to let it go. It never solves anything, be nice, forgive and try to forget. MayThis is my mantra for today…


Is Anal Bleaching for You? Monday, May 7 2012 

You know my girlfriends and I always joke around about typical girl talk, you know anal bleaching (if one us check into a location like Walgreens, we will comment “pick up some anal bleaching”) vaginal rejuvenation (kegals really haven’t helped in that department) and of course the all time favorite: men and their penis talk during sex. What the hell it’s sex not a porno, that’s a whole other story (stay tuned…). Anyway I found this interesting article about Anal Bleaching, I didn’t know it was such a big deal as of lately. So here you go learn a little something about all you needed to know about enhancing the equipment downstairs. By the way good luck if you chose any of the items mentioned below.

Is Anal Bleaching for You?

By Ali Wentworth
Marie Claire
July 2011

I was in L.A. recently with a group of friends, devouring pommes frites and red wine, when someone blurted out, “You know, Suzanne had this horrible reaction when she had her anus bleached and had to go to the emergency room.” Yes, I know, I’m speechless, too (mostly because my mother-in-law will read this). I assumed this ritual was for dealing with a parasite. But no, Suzanne was given the treatment as a gift from the movie star who employed her. Me? I’m good with a facial, thank you very much.

Apparently, plenty of women want to go past the now-ordinary breast enhancement and pubic electrolysis to a place few have heretofore dared to go in the name of beauty. Much to my ignorance, bleaching one’s anus (I guess to bring it back to its budlike, puckish pink) has become an obsession far beyond the young jet set and the detail-oriented gay community. These days, anal-bleaching creams can be purchased as easily as cough drops. Let’s see … next Mother’s Day, should I go with the balloon bouquet or a gift certificate for total rectal beauty?

There’s more. Turns out Botox has come a long way since giving you a frozen face and eye sockets that look like they were hollowed out with a melon baller. Now you can Botox your bum. Why exercise if you can simply inject poison into your cellulite? The only downside is your butt won’t be able to really express itself anymore.

Our fixation on youth has reached new lows. Thanks to Brazilian waxes, everything is exposed and scrutinized. Back in the ’70s, liberated women used to squat over hand mirrors and have a look at their nether regions; these days they bring photos of porn stars to their plastic surgeons and say, “Make me look like this.”

“Vaginal rejuvenation” is now a fixture on the Web (I was looking at hybrid cars). Vaginal plastic surgery is a fast-growing specialty. Labia too big, not symmetrical, or just not pretty? Thankfully, for $3,000 to $7,000, you can tweak them, plump them, or remake them (just be prepared to lie in bed with a bag of frozen peas on your crotch for several days after). You can also get a twofer called the “Toronto Trim,” which involves the reduction of the labia and slight unhooding of the clitoris. I can’t tell if this is about aesthetics or women fed up with partners who are unable to find it.

Then there is the “new virginity” treatment called hymenoplasty, in demand by some women in Islamic cultures for whom virginity is more precious than oil. American women of all faiths are now flocking to the procedure and giving their men something different from the usual DVD or cashmere sweater. I wonder, does the gift of hymen come with a renewed naivete and shyness? Is part of the game the woman’s pretending that it really is the first time? (Will she cry, like I did?)

G-spot enhancement is also taking off; apparently, you can expand and sensitize the area by injecting it with hyaluronic acid or collagen. The payoff? A constant state of arousal lasting between three and six months. Imagine the happy soccer moms not screaming at you in the parking lot for once.

Of course, if “pelvic relaxation” is your problem, there’s now laser surgery to tighten and reconstruct vaginal muscles — in other words, a “puss-lift.” If science has found a way to turn an outie belly button into an innie, why not relocate your genitals? Hell, why not just put them on your head?

With the country at war and global tension near the breaking point, it’s a great time to have your nipples enlarged, tattoo a new lipline, and fix those imperfect labia, damn it. The good news is, you can also hire a “mummysitter” — a woman who comes and cares for you after your procedures. She’ll heat up the Lean Cuisine, bring home the Sex and the City box set, and change the nasty gauze. Yes, you’ll be in extreme pain, but thanks to your enhanced G-spot, you’ll be grinning all the way!

– Marie Claire


Moving In With Your Guy? Read This First! Tuesday, May 1 2012 

I wish I knew a few things more about my boyfriend before we rushed into moving in together. Someone should’ve slapped the sex off my face and said “WAIT”! You know that feeling of pure excitement of being together non stop, having amazing sex and feel like this is love, well as i think back it was lust! But I did it, after being together 6 weeks I did the impossible or shall I say the ridiculous, moved in together. I can laugh at it now, but here you go read and learn:

Moving In With Your Guy? Read This First

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield reportedly moved in together recently—after only a few months of dating. Here’s hoping the Spiderman stars sussed out their compatibility by asking themselves these important questions first.
By Anna Davies
Cosmopolitan May 2012

•How do you feel when you spend a night apart?
If you feel kinda relieved to have your space to yourself, you may not be ready to share an address, says Cindy Butler, Executive Director of the Alternatives to Marriage project. If, on the other hand, you already pretty much spend every night at each other’s places, combining casas seems like the next logical step.

•Have you been on
vacation together?
From figuring out budget stuff to spending 24/7 together, a trip is a good test drive to what living together will be like.

•Are you on the same page when it comes to budget?
Figuring out who pays what is key, says Vikki Ziegler, Esq, a family attorney and author of the forthcoming book The Pre-Marital Planner. If one of you makes significantly more than the other and wants to live in a luxe pad, agree upon a budget—say, each of you have an upper limit of contributing 25% of your post-tax income to your rent. And be sure to briefly discuss what you’ll do if an emergency happens—say, he loses a steady client. Knowing how you’ll deal before anything happens ensures you’re keeping your asses—and your heads—covered, reminds Ziegler.

•What are your lifestyles like?
He has an open door policy when it comes to friends stopping by to hang. You prefer if it’s just you and The Real Housewives after work. Having different social styles isn’t a deal breaker, says Butler—but it is something you need to discuss. Otherwise, there could be lots of fights when you move in. “Talking through expectations now is key to avoiding misunderstandings later,” reminds Butler.

•How well do you deal with disagreements?
He wants to keep his fugly futon. You want to claim the bigger closet. There are a billion little issues that’ll come up—and that’s just on moving day. No matter how connected you are, combining lives can lead to lots of tiffs and spats—especially in the beginning as you’re getting used to the situation, says Butler. So, it’s important that you guys handle arguments well—meaning, you are both willing to listen to the other person and can compromise on a solution.

•Are you on the same page when it comes to the future?
According to research, couples who are either engaged or planning to spend the rest of their lives together before they move in face a solid future, while couples who move in together for financial reasons or convenience may have a rocky road ahead of them. Sounds obvious, but if the major motivation is convenience or saving cash, it’s best to hold off.

Hope you virgin live in lovers can make it through the nesting phase…



I missed the meaning “us”… Wednesday, Aug 10 2011 

So, I am really bumming tonight! I did something I should’ve never done, I googled ( stupid google with your powers of the search engine ) the ex-husband and saw that he’s still married to the whore that he left me for ( which they have a kid now ) and they are now living one state away from me. Weird because they were up North but in the military there are no choices of living, you basically are going where they decide.
I feel so many emotions right now, especially seeing an actual picture of him just made me wonder… what was it all for. I mean I feel like a piece of crap because I wish I never searched him. You know that feeling like if you could see the future for 10 seconds, would you or like reading a book or watching a movie, instead of reading through the story, you just skip to the last page, and you really wish you didn’t. And of course, like the crazy I am, ( you know it’s coming ) I searched the whore as well. I mean she is on the Book ( Facebook ) along with all my ex- in laws and old friends that go with one of a broken couple ( so I guess they all chose him because I have never heard from them since the divorce ). You spend 11 plus years with this person, their family becomes your family, friendships are made and just like that I don’t exist to any of these people that I formed relationships with so long ago.
It’s funny when you watch a movie and at one point there is a couple that breaks up and what do the mutual friends do or pick as on going friendship goes. Do you stay friends with both or drop one and stay with the other. Well, I must’ve lucked out because I got nobody, just the clothes on my back. Literally, all I got from 11 years together was my clothes I packed when I came back to Nola! I mean where the hell are my stuff! He left me, broke our marriage and kept everything that was mine! He got the girl ( or whore as I call her ) and a child, he could’ve at least give me my belongings! Where the hell is all the karma in this, he screwed me over, I had a great life, and now it’s all bullshit! I have been through the ringer the last 7 years and he’s got everything going for him. Ok, so I am slightly angry but when you 22 years old and marry the person you see yourself growing old with, the person who loves you and will protect you, just end everything right out of left field, you tend to have a lot of unanswered questions. I guess I will never get those answers.
I’m so angry, sad, and hurt. You think you know a person after 11 years and in a snap of a second they change before your eyes. I guess I’m just pissed because if he wasn’t the one then why am I on this ridiculous collision course of bad karma. It is one bad thing to another and I try to do the right thing so that way I know some sort of good should come my way.
When I saw his picture, he looked the same as the last day I saw him ( at the airport, I flew from Nola, to fix it, but he moved on in only 5 days that I remember us crying before my flight, walking away was the hardest thing in my life, because I knew in his eyes he was not mine anymore, so I walked to my gate in the airport, turning around one last time to see him ) at the airport. Gosh, I remember crying the whole flight back home, it felt so surreal. He looks as if he hadn’t aged in all these years, he still had the same military cut, his eyes looking away from the camera as always, and yet a part of me missed him. Its crazy, after all this time, don’t get me wrong I’m not carrying a torch for him, but i missed the meaning of him and I together, I missed us! I wonder what the gods had in store for me, why me? I just want to know why, I want that love and relationship that I had before with someone. I miss the old “us” but maybe the greater powers that be meant for me to come home and be with my family. I do cherish my family but when will it be my happy time again. I’m just waiting for that moment, you know, when you have all your crap together and you can finally breathe aloud to say now I get it! But, still searching or at least following whatever path I’m supposed to be on right now. I guess it’s true what they say ” you never know what you got, until it’s gone”. Maybe I didn’t appreciate the things I did have and took it for granted. Whatever, it may be I am home, in Nola with my family and friends. Who knows, maybe what life really has in store for me, was to begin now, now that I’m 40 years old and my perspective has changed due to all that I have gone through the last 7 years. I guess we will have to wait and find out…stay tuned! I think I will cry myself to sleep and hope that tomorrow will be a better day and a better hope for me.

So Frustrated,,, Thursday, Jun 23 2011 

Well, so much for my blog last week about changes to make in my life because since I have been ill i have come to hate the predicament that I am in as of right now. After  going to three ( 3 ), yes, three hospitals, medication overflow, lack of working my job, I am still suffering from my pinched nerve. I have never felt so physically and mentally rundown. Now, see I am still making it an effort to drive the 45 minute commute to work, which is agony in itself, try to make myself look pretty and presentable but have a lot of pain  from the pinched nerve in my hip. I can’t even  take a relaxing shower for I have to rush through it  just to get off my feet. What makes me so mad is that the Doctors just look at you with this number on youre chart and don’t even listen, plus of course I do not have health insurance, so it makes for my situation worse. I hate having to even ask or depend on anyone or anything, but now I have to depend on the man to help me up in the morning, make me breakfast, help me to my car, and repeat the same thing when I get home from work at the end of the day. I do not care to be laid up in pain and agony on a daily basis, nor do I want to be on medication to mask my pain. I feel the resentment from him and myself, but funny thing is my mom would go and do to no end for me, as I would for her. It has been depressing the last few weeks, I am trying to stay positive, but it seems not likely. I want to be able to walk the distance from my front door of my house to my car without crying, or get dressed up to hang out with my friends, or go shopping with my mom. None, of these things are even a thing I can look forward to until I can feel better. As I am approaching my 40th birthday in less than a month, my life is not what I have expected. I have been working so hard to make the changes to be happy but, only to be held back or broke down. Jesus, it is always some stupid battle to fight just to get on the path I want to be on. What did I do to piss off the karma in   my life. I am a good person, give if I can, work hard, and for crap like this to set me back. I know if you are reading this, it may seem like a pity party but really over it. I try to do everything the right way because that is how my parents raised me but, at what point do I get to get a break. I have endured a lot in the last six years and have more than made up for it, when will it be for me! I will try to be positive and hope for the best! I will say thank you to my mom and for my best friend and her mom for all their help.

Beauty Find- lips Monday, Jun 20 2011 


I receive a sample of this and I’m definitely getting the other flavors:

Sara Happ
In 2005, A Cult Product Was Born. The Inspiration: Necessity. A lover of all things exfoliation, Sara Happ’s bathroom was well-stocked with scrubs. “I love the feeling of seriously smooth skin, the way you glow from head to toe after sloughing off dead cells. Heaven,” she says. missing from her collection was any such product for her lips. She went to her (rarely used) kitchen and got to work. Months later, her sugar-based recipes were perfected. She mixed batches of product the way most people bake cookies, Labeling and Filling each jar by hand, tying each box with her signature white bow. Today, the line can be found at over 400 luxury boutiques worldwide.

~ Lip Scrub – Sparkling Pink Grapefruit
by Sara Happ

The Scoop
A clean, fresh grapefruit with the sweetest hints of sugar. The perfect balance for tart citrus notes. Crisp, tangy, sweetly energizing.

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