Can A Miracle Foot Cream Cure Your High Heel Woes? Friday, Aug 5 2011 

This is so weird, I was just thinking to myself the other day when I read in People magazine how Kim Kardashian was photographed with 6″ heels. I mean all these stars and women running around in the 3″-6″ heels and never seem to be in aches and pain even after a few hours. I really just wanted to write them and ask is there some magic lotion or shoe insert to alleviate the pain? Because as I am a short girl 5’2, I always wear heels but after an hour my feet are throbbing with pain and I just want to walk barefoot no matter the cost.
So I come across this article and I am going to try this product out, I need to wear all my pretty heels an boots but without the pain. I will let you know if
this actually works….

Can A Miracle Foot Cream Cure Your High Heel Woes? We Put Topricin To The Test
Thursday, 08/ 4/2011 12:06 PM
It was one of the most promising press releases to ever make its way to my inbox: “Prevent perils of wearing high heels with Topricin Foot Therapy Cream,” the subject line read, and inside, it promised that this miracle product would save my throbbing tootsies from the torture I regularly inflict on myself with four-plus-inch heels. There was only one way to find out if the stuff actually worked…

Here’s the claim the Topricin folks made: The medicated cream “targets ankle and foot pain and contains eleven regulated homeopathic biomedicines medicines that naturally support and assist the body by helping the subcutaneous skin layers of the feet to drain toxins and excess fluids from the tissues which increases blood flow and helps heal the damage that is causing the pain. Apply Topricin Foot Therapy Cream to feet before strutting out in heels to help reduce pain and injury, as well as after wearing heels to relieve any burning, throbbing nerve pain in the feet. As an added plus, Topricin Foot Therapy Cream treats dry, cracked skin of the feet.”

I needed a translation, so I rang up Dr. Suzanne Levine, a prominent podiatrist in Manhattan, and asked her to describe the product in a bit more detail. She had her doubts about its effectiveness: “It’s essentially a counter-irritant,” she told me. “While that helps with pain a bit, I don’t think it has the absorption you’d need for it to really make a difference. When you’re trying to get absorption on the bottom of the foot, where the skin is very thick and callused, you need an agent to facilitate that, which this doesn’t seem to have. Like with all homeopathics, the amount of the ingredient is miniscule. If you were to soak in hot water first, it may open up the pores a bit and that could help, but I wouldn’t call it a miracle treatment.”

Lou Paradise, founder and chief of research at Topical BioMedics, which created Topricin, begged to differ. He said that “the molecular size of the medicines in the product go through the skin barrier to the underlying soft tissue where the pain originates.”

Eternal optimist that I am, I slathered my feet in Topricin, strapped on my most torturous pair of Christian Louboutins, and headed out to the NYC streets. This particular pair were what I call “taxi shoes”–walking from the curb to the club and back is about all I can handle in ’em–and after about six blocks, I was feeling the usual burn. But after a few minutes, the sharp pain I usually get from the same shoes kind of subsided into a duller, slightly more tolerable feeling. I lasted through all of my evening work events, about three hours in total, before I made it through my front door in my usual about-to-collapse state of foot numbness.

I went for round two, first soaking my feet in hot water, as Dr. Levine recommended, then giving myself a foot massage with another dose of Topricin (since it’s homeopathic, there is no limit to how many applications you can use or what other medications it can be used in conjunction with). Truth be told, the soreness that usually lasts until I wake up the next morning started to dissipate pretty quickly. Of course, as Dr. Levine tells it, “It’s hard to judge how effective any product like this is, because pain is so subjective. The active ingredient in most homeopathic products is water, but of course there is always that mental thing where if you think you’re using something to relieve your pain, maybe some of it really does go away.”

So my relief was quite possibly in my head, which was totally fine with me, because, well, it was still relief. I’ve never been one of those crystal-carrying, wheatgrass juice-drinking kind of believers, but in this case, if it lets me wear my stilettos with a little less pain, I guess I can be!

Score your own tube now at their website, then tell us…what do you think? Have you ever tried Topricin or any other topical pain relievers to make wearing high heels seem a little less stressful? How do you cope with foot pain when you’re in your most painful shoes? And do you believe in homeopathic cures like this? Discuss!

by Tracey Lomrantz



Hello Tuesday, Jul 12 2011 

Hello Dolls, I know it has been awhile since my last written post, but things have been really tough lately. After going to 2 doctors and 7 hospital visits, finally I have been diagnosed with a compressed bulging disc in my back. I have never, ever experienced this type of pain in my life, the pain is with me 24 hours a day, it is totally unbearable. My family and boyfriend have had to literally take care of me, taking a shower is a massive rush to wash and condition the hair, and if i can stand it shave the legs but lately its been a no go. I can no longer walk on my own but using a cane or crutches. Since moving around on my own is not even an option I have been using an office chair around the house ( at least to get from my bed to the bathroom ). I have no energy after that, I feel absolutely drained physically and emotionally. I hate the fact that I do not have insurance, so driving an hour and a half to the nearest hospital that will have a doctor on site to see me has been at least some what a positive. I do have to wait 2 weeks for my mri and to see the Neuro, hopefully I can make it till then. I have been researching the net    asking anyone who can assist me in this problem, to icing my back na d hip, laying only on my side, doing stretches before i get out of bed, and of course the medicine ( which does no relief what so ever ). This last 6 weeks has been the most difficult because I have a full-time job and responsibilities that I cannot even think of being priorities because i am consumed by the amount of pain and suffering I am in on a daily basis. My leg and foot feel like either they are burning or numb along with the pain shooting down my back and hip. I will see a chiropractor next week but am fearful for the fact that I do not want to be in pain after this adjustment, just scared they will do more damage that is already there. Please keep me in your thoughts and i will try to remain positive during this time. I miss the feeling of being happy, or just picking up and go to wherever I choose. Just want to stop crying and feel this allday, everyday and move on to enjoying my life once again.

So Frustrated,,, Thursday, Jun 23 2011 

Well, so much for my blog last week about changes to make in my life because since I have been ill i have come to hate the predicament that I am in as of right now. After  going to three ( 3 ), yes, three hospitals, medication overflow, lack of working my job, I am still suffering from my pinched nerve. I have never felt so physically and mentally rundown. Now, see I am still making it an effort to drive the 45 minute commute to work, which is agony in itself, try to make myself look pretty and presentable but have a lot of pain  from the pinched nerve in my hip. I can’t even  take a relaxing shower for I have to rush through it  just to get off my feet. What makes me so mad is that the Doctors just look at you with this number on youre chart and don’t even listen, plus of course I do not have health insurance, so it makes for my situation worse. I hate having to even ask or depend on anyone or anything, but now I have to depend on the man to help me up in the morning, make me breakfast, help me to my car, and repeat the same thing when I get home from work at the end of the day. I do not care to be laid up in pain and agony on a daily basis, nor do I want to be on medication to mask my pain. I feel the resentment from him and myself, but funny thing is my mom would go and do to no end for me, as I would for her. It has been depressing the last few weeks, I am trying to stay positive, but it seems not likely. I want to be able to walk the distance from my front door of my house to my car without crying, or get dressed up to hang out with my friends, or go shopping with my mom. None, of these things are even a thing I can look forward to until I can feel better. As I am approaching my 40th birthday in less than a month, my life is not what I have expected. I have been working so hard to make the changes to be happy but, only to be held back or broke down. Jesus, it is always some stupid battle to fight just to get on the path I want to be on. What did I do to piss off the karma in   my life. I am a good person, give if I can, work hard, and for crap like this to set me back. I know if you are reading this, it may seem like a pity party but really over it. I try to do everything the right way because that is how my parents raised me but, at what point do I get to get a break. I have endured a lot in the last six years and have more than made up for it, when will it be for me! I will try to be positive and hope for the best! I will say thank you to my mom and for my best friend and her mom for all their help.

I am Hurting…. Friday, Jun 17 2011 

Today has been an extremely difficult time for myself. I have been to 1 doctor and 3 emergency room visits in the last two weeks. I have been diagnosed with Sciatica, now I know from what I have heard that it goes away and there are frequent flare ups, but for my situation it ( the pain ) has been constant everyday for the last 3 weeks. And I mean everyday, every hour the pain is constant. I have never been so emotionally and physically exhausted. It takes every but of energy just to make it 10 feet to the bathroom, when at that point I simply cannot get up on my own but to have the boyfriend help me stand up. Just the thought of having to make a 45 minute commute to my office makes me sick. The pain I am experiencing is written all over my face. I cannot walk on my own nor is there any position that I can feel relief or comfort. My problem is I do not have insurance so that isn’t a physician that I can simply go to, I make just enough income to not qualify for Medicare. So I’m screwed, I did get help from the hospital I was in last night and hopefully in a dew days I will be able to start feeling like my old self. This nerve damage is severe that it is constant and doesn’t fade away. Doing the simplest of tasks is impossible, like shaving my legs ( not happening ), applying my make up now, consist of concealer and maybe gloss, my hair ( forget about it because I simply cannot stand or sit long enough for it to dry and style, thank god for hats and Bobby pins ), exercising ( I loved my evening workout walks- now is the time to loss the lbs. ), cooking and baking ( does not exists because I am able to stand for a minute maybe 2 ), taking a shower is miserable ( neither is getting in and out if the tub any easier ), and last shopping ( miserable that I cannot go to my favorite stores for the lack of energy and pain I am suffering ). I am miserable and depressed because I truly want for this to go away. The medicine that they prescribe is the usual: 800 mg ibuprofen and pain pill. But the problem is I have to drive 45 minutes to work and cannot take the pain medication driving and working. I have done the exercises, taken the medicine, and rested but it is as painful now as it was 2 weeks ago. How I have taken doing simple tasks for granted and now having rely on someone to assist me in everyday possible. I am not a vain person but I love myself ( could stand to lose about 30lbs. but happy overall ) and I take pride in my appearance. But now I cannot stand how I feel and look. I am trying to remain positive but it is impossible when I feel horrible all day long and no sleep at night. Ugh, so over it! Sad face 😦