DO or DON’T? Photoshopping Your Ex Out of Pictures Thursday, Mar 21 2013 

I was recently reading my daily edition of Glamour when I came across this article regarding: Photoshopping Your Ex out of Pictures. I have to say I have contemplated this situation as I ended my previous relationship, going through old photos of holidays, birthdays, or special events. Many of which I look amazing and have fond memories except for the fact my ex is in many photos. Now, as I am trying to figure how I can save this picture of a great day (LSU TIGERS FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2007). I decided to block out my ex face and put in LSU TIGERS mascot Mike the Tiger. Grant it, years ago I wouldn’t have thought about photoshop my old pictures of ex’s or what not. But, given the thought I look amazing why should I trash a special moment, all for the reason I cannot stand the sight of my biggest mistake/ex. You just make it work to your benefit!
What do you think…would you photoshop your ex from a picture?

DO or DON’T? Photoshopping Your Ex Out of Pictures

by Gena Kaufman
Glamour 3/15/2013

Some of us might just straight up destroy all evidence of a previous relationship, but for those who want to keep their memories without having their ex paraded in front of their faces, what do you think of this solution: Keep the photos, edit out the offending ex?

The Huffington Post recently pointed out a trend of Reddit users submitting their edited photos. First, a graphic designer who had been asked to photoshop a photo for a woman who wanted her ex-daughter-in-law removed from a family photo:

Ouch. Sorry, ex-wife.

Then, there was this post by a regular non-graphic-designer guy who took it upon himself to edit his own photo of himself with his ex-wife. His version is a bit more rough around the edges but also infinitely more hilarious:

Ouch, but…yum?

Would you guys ever go to such lengths to doctor a photo? Even though the idea of replacing all my exes with giant hot dogs (yes, there’s an intentional wiener joke in there) is pretty appealing for the hilarity, I can’t see myself ever seriously altering a picture. I can see why you wouldn’t want to sit around staring at your ex or your son’s ex, but…you can’t change history, you know? Everyone is still going to remember that the ex was there no matter how many delicious burritos you put in their place.

Source: Reddit



How to Shop for Skin-Care Productsl Tuesday, May 8 2012 

I have to say I’m a total beauty product whore. I will sample, buy, and utilize any or all products that I can get my hands on. As I was growing up my mother wanted me to learn the correct way of applying make-up and skincare regime. She is sight impaired, so where shall I learn the beauty bible of all schooling, at the Estée Lauder counter in Dillards Department Store. Since this was the company my mother would purchase her make-up ad skincare products, she wanted me to learn from the ladies at the counter.
It was fun learning the tricks of the trade, told to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and that less is more. But once I started reading my Mademoiselle, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazines I wanted to buy every product that was mentioned. Once I got older I proceeded to buy the bigger name beauty products and still used the basic tools from the drugstore. It wasn’t until Sephora opened in Miami where I was living that I became addicted to all the was beautifully merchandised on display that I could have the best of everything. Look, if you’re clueless as to what you need to use as a daily regime or where to buy (really no need to buy $60 makeup remover when you can easily get this at the drugstore) and what are your skins needs and wants. Are you normal, combination, oily, and sensitive skin. Do you like to experiment with your make-up. If so read this article on how to find out what’s best for your skincare needs.

How to Shop for Skin-Care Productsl

Like traveling to foreign lands, shopping for skin care can be disorienting. The landscape is strange. The people are pushy. And you don’t speak the language (hyaluronawha?). Here’s how to shop the aisles like a native.

Allure June 2012

Rooting out the latest anti-aging serums takes concentration, so don’t try it on Saks Double Points days. Department store skin-care floors are most peaceful in the early morning and mid-afternoon (2 p.m. to 4 p.m.) on Mondays and Tuesdays, when most of the world is at work. If you can’t shop then, hit the stores in the evening, early in the week—Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are quietest—or as soon as the doors open on weekends, suggests Barbara Zinn Moore, general merchandise manager of cosmetics and fragrances at Lord & Taylor.

Wherever you shop, ask the right questions: Is it safe for sensitive skin? How much should I apply, and how often? How long before I see results?

Even a top-notch scientist like Jeannette Graf, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, appreciates the insight salespeople at department stores have offered over the years. “They can be quite helpful in navigating the multitude of skin-care products at the counter,” she says. Still, be discerning. “Some salespeople stretch the truth,” says Elizabeth Tanzi, codirector of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, D.C. (That goes for facialists, too.) So a little skepticism probably won’t hurt. And drugstores including Duane Reade, Walgreens, and CVS/Pharmacy now have salespeople trained in skin care and armed with testing devices—such as hydrometers, which measure skin’s moisture levels—so “they can give personalized advice based on specific needs,” says Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch, who consults for Vichy and helped test some of the diagnostic tools for CVS/Pharmacy’s Healthy Skincare Centers, where Vichy, Lierac, and La Roche-Posay are sold.


For those with eczema or skin allergies, Audrey Kunin, a clinical instructor of dermatology at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, recommends avoiding dyes, fragrances, and essential oils. Botanical ingredients can also cause allergic reactions, says Mary Lupo, a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University in New Orleans. Exfoliating products—grainy scrubs, glycolic acid cleansers, retinol creams—can also inflame the skin. They’re not necessarily off-limits, but it’s safest to ease in with the mildest ones, like a creamy scrub with soft, synthetic beads; a low-strength, buffered glycolic wash (meaning its pH is higher and less likely to cause burning and irritation); or a less intense form or concentration of a retinoid that’s geared toward sensitive skin.

Always test products first on your inner forearm—the skin there is similar in thickness to that of the face.

Big skin-care companies tend to have strong research-and-development departments that produce proven formulas. Another reason to go with a name you know: Many crucial facts about formulations are not revealed on most ingredient labels—type of delivery system, quality of raw materials, even the concentration of some of the most important ingredients. For instance, peptides, the tiny amino acids that trigger collagen production in the skin, are usually present in mysterious quantities. “You’ll never know the percentage of peptides in a product,” says Graf. “But a good, reliable company will ensure its delivery system is viable.”

If you’re going to buy an expensive skin-care product, make it sunscreen or retinol. Many dermatologists prefer sunscreens with physical filters, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, because they aren’t irritating and don’t break down quickly. But here’s the catch: They have to be formulated well to blend in easily and invisibly on the skin, and feel so light and silky that you’ll actually use the product. (La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid and Chanel Précision UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily UV Care SPF 50 meet the criteria.) In its purest, most effective form, retinol (which improves fine lines and dark spots, stimulates collagen production, clears minor blemishes, and even reduces pore size) is an expensive ingredient, one that has to be carefully formulated to maintain stability and minimize irritation. These factors contribute to its cost. If you need to skimp on something, make it cleanser, the product that gets the least amount of face time.

Every department store has a different policy, but according to Lord & Taylor’s Zinn Moore, if you keep the original box and receipt, you shouldn’t have a problem returning skin-care products to a department store within 30 or 90 days (depending on the specific store). Barneys New York and Nordstrom take a similar approach, determining the fate of returns on a case-by-case basis. For drugstores, CVS/Pharmacy takes back any beauty product, opened or not, with a receipt. At other stores, like Walgreens, managers usually decide whether or not to give a refund for cosmetics—and, if granted, it often comes in the form of store credit. Always inquire about returns before buying.

You need to use most products consistently, for at least eight weeks, to see what they can do. (Acne spot treatments work faster, clearing minor blemishes in as little as a day or two.) Some women have to wait even longer. “No truer words have ever been spoken in beauty than ‘Individual results may vary,’ ” says Lupo. How your skin responds to a product depends on your physiology, metabolism, and underlying issues, she explains. But if you’ve done your homework and chosen a smart product, give it time. “Beautiful skin is a lifelong process,” says Kunin. “But you’ll get there.”


Is Anal Bleaching for You? Monday, May 7 2012 

You know my girlfriends and I always joke around about typical girl talk, you know anal bleaching (if one us check into a location like Walgreens, we will comment “pick up some anal bleaching”) vaginal rejuvenation (kegals really haven’t helped in that department) and of course the all time favorite: men and their penis talk during sex. What the hell it’s sex not a porno, that’s a whole other story (stay tuned…). Anyway I found this interesting article about Anal Bleaching, I didn’t know it was such a big deal as of lately. So here you go learn a little something about all you needed to know about enhancing the equipment downstairs. By the way good luck if you chose any of the items mentioned below.

Is Anal Bleaching for You?

By Ali Wentworth
Marie Claire
July 2011

I was in L.A. recently with a group of friends, devouring pommes frites and red wine, when someone blurted out, “You know, Suzanne had this horrible reaction when she had her anus bleached and had to go to the emergency room.” Yes, I know, I’m speechless, too (mostly because my mother-in-law will read this). I assumed this ritual was for dealing with a parasite. But no, Suzanne was given the treatment as a gift from the movie star who employed her. Me? I’m good with a facial, thank you very much.

Apparently, plenty of women want to go past the now-ordinary breast enhancement and pubic electrolysis to a place few have heretofore dared to go in the name of beauty. Much to my ignorance, bleaching one’s anus (I guess to bring it back to its budlike, puckish pink) has become an obsession far beyond the young jet set and the detail-oriented gay community. These days, anal-bleaching creams can be purchased as easily as cough drops. Let’s see … next Mother’s Day, should I go with the balloon bouquet or a gift certificate for total rectal beauty?

There’s more. Turns out Botox has come a long way since giving you a frozen face and eye sockets that look like they were hollowed out with a melon baller. Now you can Botox your bum. Why exercise if you can simply inject poison into your cellulite? The only downside is your butt won’t be able to really express itself anymore.

Our fixation on youth has reached new lows. Thanks to Brazilian waxes, everything is exposed and scrutinized. Back in the ’70s, liberated women used to squat over hand mirrors and have a look at their nether regions; these days they bring photos of porn stars to their plastic surgeons and say, “Make me look like this.”

“Vaginal rejuvenation” is now a fixture on the Web (I was looking at hybrid cars). Vaginal plastic surgery is a fast-growing specialty. Labia too big, not symmetrical, or just not pretty? Thankfully, for $3,000 to $7,000, you can tweak them, plump them, or remake them (just be prepared to lie in bed with a bag of frozen peas on your crotch for several days after). You can also get a twofer called the “Toronto Trim,” which involves the reduction of the labia and slight unhooding of the clitoris. I can’t tell if this is about aesthetics or women fed up with partners who are unable to find it.

Then there is the “new virginity” treatment called hymenoplasty, in demand by some women in Islamic cultures for whom virginity is more precious than oil. American women of all faiths are now flocking to the procedure and giving their men something different from the usual DVD or cashmere sweater. I wonder, does the gift of hymen come with a renewed naivete and shyness? Is part of the game the woman’s pretending that it really is the first time? (Will she cry, like I did?)

G-spot enhancement is also taking off; apparently, you can expand and sensitize the area by injecting it with hyaluronic acid or collagen. The payoff? A constant state of arousal lasting between three and six months. Imagine the happy soccer moms not screaming at you in the parking lot for once.

Of course, if “pelvic relaxation” is your problem, there’s now laser surgery to tighten and reconstruct vaginal muscles — in other words, a “puss-lift.” If science has found a way to turn an outie belly button into an innie, why not relocate your genitals? Hell, why not just put them on your head?

With the country at war and global tension near the breaking point, it’s a great time to have your nipples enlarged, tattoo a new lipline, and fix those imperfect labia, damn it. The good news is, you can also hire a “mummysitter” — a woman who comes and cares for you after your procedures. She’ll heat up the Lean Cuisine, bring home the Sex and the City box set, and change the nasty gauze. Yes, you’ll be in extreme pain, but thanks to your enhanced G-spot, you’ll be grinning all the way!

– Marie Claire


6 Surprising Ways to Flirt Monday, May 7 2012 

When it comes to flirting, I am pretty good in this department. It could be man, woman, old, young, or anyone I can be very charming. So for all of you who do not have a clue, see the tools of trade and practice. You never know how impressive you may be, just don’t over do…

6 Surprising Ways to Flirt
We know, this isn’t your first rodeo. But there’s more to flirting than making eye contact and occasionally licking your lips. We asked dating expert Fran Greene, LCSWR and author of The Flirting Bible for a few moves no man can resist.
By Lauren Panariello
Cosmopolitan June 2012

•Cop a Feel
Touching a guy you’re into is a major pro-flirt move—it subtly makes him think about where your hands could go later. The right move: casually touching his shoulder, arm, or knee when you’re talking.

•Keep Your Distance
A crowded bar or party gives you an excuse to get extra close to a hot guy, but getting too close is a serious rookie move. Greene advises not standing closer than an arm’s length to him: “When people are that close to us, our natural inclination is to move away.” In other words, let him come to you.

•Wear Something Worth Talking About
Catching his eye doesn’t have to involve cleavage. Show up to happy hour in your favorite team’s baseball cap, or wear an old college tee to the gym. Not only will it give him something to approach you about, but he’ll immediately know you’re a chill girl he could watch the game with. Score.

•Be a Copycat
If he leans in, lean in. If he takes a sip of his drink, take a sip of your drink. It may sound creepy, but Greene says mirroring a guy’s movements establishes a connection and leaves the subtle impression that you’re in sync. Of course don’t copy everything. He probably won’t find it sexy if you follow him to the men’s room and start peeing standing up.

•Listen Up
Don’t get all caught up in being witty. When you’re too busy plotting your next line, you’re not really listening to what he’s saying. Who knows, his next words might be “What’s your number?”

•It’s All in the Wrist
While you’re talking to him, push up your sleeves and play with your watch or bracelet, moving them slowly up and down your wrist. There’s something really sensual about that part of the body—and teasingly tugging on your jewelry makes him think about taking stuff off of you.

Dude’s List: 11 Lies Women Tell Men Friday, Sep 30 2011 

So, I found this website and I kinda like this guy! Ladies, here is a list of 11 Lies Women Tell Men. I have to be honest I may have said one or two of these. I mean sometimes just like women, men can’t handle the truth, just saying…

Dude’s List: 11 Lies Women Tell Men

By The Dude •

Alright, this one’s going to piss off some, make others chuckle, and probably piss off some more. But bottom line, no one’s 100% honest all of the time and there’s no question we boys have made an omission or two with you…but then you most certainly have with us, too! Here’s a Dude’s List dose of the tall tales we’ve been told by you ladies. Take a look in the mirror…

“You’re the biggest I’ve ever had”
I don’t blame any woman for ever saying this to a man because we beg you to tell us this lie. We need this lie. We poke and prod until you tell us we’re big enough. Call it an emotional hand job. And it’s appreciated. And hopefully he’ll return the favor (with whatever the equivalent is. What is the female equivalent?)

“It was…great, really.”
Again, we’re asking for it. We’re not all sexual dynamos. Or competent. Some of us suck in the sack. Maybe it’s a lack of chemistry or we came too soon, but sometimes we screw up the screwing. And we generally know it. I mean, we have an instinct that we didn’t do it…right (there are some obvious signs and some we choose to be oblivious of). I mean, what are you going to tell us when we’re still naked and sweating? Most polite answer, really. And it’s appreciated. Of course, sometimes this lie is followed by: “I’ve got to go. I’ll call you.”

“I’ll call you.”
We’re not the only ones who use it! Way better than an outright rejection, right? Let them down gently? Tsk, tsk, tsk. We all should practice the Golden Rule a bit more. Of course, this isn’t the only way to blow a guy off…or cover something up.

“I’ve got a friend coming in this weekend.”
You’re cheating on him or just seeing another guy. Or just want to avoid him entirely. I’ve gotten this one. I think every guy I know’s gotten this one and every woman I know has used some form of it. Believe it or not, we’d rather just get the rejection upfront.

“I never drink this much.”
Usually said while drunk. But come on, no one wants to admit they’re an alcoholic the first time they meet someone. That’s not sexy. Duh.

“I’m pregnant.”
I know someone this happened to. She told someone she was pregnant. He found out. Then when he confronted her, she revealed she wasn’t. It’s been used, therefore it is valid on this list

“I’ve never done this before.”
Your pants are on fire.

“I’ve only had sex with, like, 2 guys. Swears.”
In the beginning, we all tend to do some spacey-wacey maneuvering when it comes to the list. There’s the joke that men make their numbers bigger and women make theirs smaller. Of course, if it’s true then is it still a joke?

“I like Chuck and the Wu Tang Clan, too!”
No you don’t. You don’t like anything we do and you pretend that you do. We give the same line to you about other things. I mean, we have to get along somehow, right? But just to warn you, when we find out the truth, that you hate everything we love, it only stirs the awkward sauce.

“Everything’s fine.”
When everything’s fine, no one actually needs to say it.

“I’m a terrible liar.”
No, we just want to believe you so badly it doesn’t matter how good of a liar you are. Especially when it comes to the sex stuff.

There you have it, ladies. 11 lies that all of you combined might have used at some point. Again, we certainly ask you to tell some of them to us. Others…So my big question to you is: how many have you used? It’s okay, I won’t tell. Oh! Another question, which ones have you told that I didn’t list? Come on, don’t hog all the fun.

We’re gonna need a longer list,

The Dude

My Life at ( just breathe and say it fast ) ) 40… Wednesday, Aug 3 2011 

Well, I was thinking about how today was the first time I said my age out loud when asked from the police officer who just pulled me over for a lame traffic violation. See, I just turned 40 years old literally 6 days ago and was slightly sad about this because I thought how did 40 run up and sucker punch me without some kind of warning! I know I’m a little dramatic. But, I have always been conscious about my appearance. No, it’s not that I am vain, but the opposite. In the last two years my weight has yo-yo up and down and is definitely not where I want for it to be ( maybe a good 30lbs to be slightly happier ) so when I leave for work or a function, I make sure I always look presentable because you never, ever know who you will run into! Trust me, you will run into someone you are least expected to see at anytime of the day. I have ventured out my house several times and could kick myself for doing this. But I think it’s just for a quick stop here or there and with no make-up, hair dirty ( pulled back with a headband ), and maybe not where the flattering of outfits. And I see how I look in the mirror, but I’m rushed to run a quick errand, I mean who is gonna see me, right? I think whatever and go. Wrong, of course, it is always at those rare occasions you run into an old boss, an ex-boyfriend, that cute guy or girl you have been crushing or maybe that one evil person ( its alway a girl trust me ) that just always gets under your skin, that spots you from afar or maybe up close and I think to myself “what the hell is my problem leaving the house looking like some crack whore”. It never fails, so after my last appearance as a C.W. when I ran into a previous owner of employment, I decided never again will I attempt to walk out the door without at least looking good ( maybe a cute hat, a pair of sunglasses, and throw on a cute sundress ). So, what I’m trying say ladies take my advice, look in the mirror before you leave the house. Don’t think it won’t matter because it will.
The reason I’m saying this is, if my insecurity about my +30lbs is visible to others who have not seen me in a while, than I will make sure to focus on my other beautiful features to feel good about myself. And see, I won’t give a crap to whoever I may will run into, because I look good and feel good about myself.
Now, I said I just turned 40 last week. I never have been a stickler about my age like my mother is. When I was growing up, I was the short girl with the young looking face. I remember getting my first fake I.D. when I was 16 years old, I memorized every bit of information on that I.D. ( see growing up in Nola, the legal drinking age at that time was 18 years old, so faking it out at 16 years old didn’t seem to be a far fetch ) but at 16 I didn’t even look it. I had such a baby face, and didn’t pass for 18 or even 16 years old. Growing up, my mom and Aunts would all say “when you are older, you will appreciate your youthful appearance” . And they were right, whenever someone would ask my age I told them and I always would get the same reply that they thought I was so much younger. Now, I totally appreciate it, because I definitely look like a young 30 year old. I think in the last 10 years I have maintained the skincare regime: always moisturize my face, use the fine line serums, apply sunscreen, no fake and bake ( but I do spray tan or use a sunless tanner ) and wear my make-up in a fashionable way. I think the last time I was carded in the French Quarter for dinner a few months ago, the server asked for my I.D. I was so joyful and excited. So, take pride in your skincare regime early because girls, trust me later in life all the sun damage, going out, and stress will catch up to you and age you in a heartbeat.
On my birthday last week, I woke up went to the bathroom, showered, and washed my face. I must have looked in the mirror for a good ten minutes wondering how did I get so old. My pores are slightly larger, no fine lines or wrinkles, yet ( as I knock on wood ), I have a herniated disc, and I spot a single gray strand of hair. But, here I am and I am just going not stress about it, I thought to myself I am freaking 40 years old, where did all the time go too! I mean today I was actually excited when my period came, not because I thought I could be prego but for the thought I am grateful for another month that I am not going into “the pause” ( I mean menopause but renamed it ). You maybe laughing at the fact that I think this, but it will come on early I have a feeling that it will be Mother Natures way of stabbing me in the heart because the pause will happen and that is just another sure sign of aging so called gracefully! We as women have to suck it up and take pride in our appearances, not because we are vain but we are judged based on first impressions. I mean look at all we have to go through: going to the gym weekly, fake and bake or spray tan once a week ( if you want to have a nice glow, not Snookie glow ) get our hair fix either by cut or color every 6 weeks, manicures/pedicures ( weekly or biweekly ) teeth whitening, skincare ( facials or led light therapy ) and whatever else floats your boat to maintain a certain youthfulness. The public eyes you up and down and has place judgement on you based on your initial meet, not even having a clue as what my intellect or interest might be. I too, have been guilty of this crime but now I have learned that I or any person has a lot to offer besides being judged on our looks. I know what you’re thinking it’s a double end sword, you’re damned if you or damned if you don’t. We have to basically market ourselves just to keep up with all the other women and men in the world. Now, some of you may have natural beauty and feel like you don’t have to participate in all that the plain janes of the world have to go through to look and play the part. I applaud you and jealous all at the same time. Not because I’m jealous of their natural beauty but it is that they don’t have to work at it as hard as I do to maintain certain appearances.
So, I guess that’s all and a big thank you to all the skincare, body, and haircare products being advertised or marketed in my head for making me, me! After all my mom doesn’t look a day over 50 and she is, so I guess I am thankful that I inherited her youthful genes. Thanks, Mom!

4 Signs a Guy is into You…. Monday, Jun 20 2011 

At, Jake Hurwitz works with almost all men. But he also knows women (the man has four sisters!). So we asked him how to tell if a guy is getting hooked.

I’ve been surrounded by women my whole life, and I have a good grasp on how you think. But truth be told, there are still things I just don’t get about you. For the purposes of this article, I’ll keep my list short: frozen yogurt (just order the damn ice cream already!), tiny purses (you ask us to carry your wallet, cell, and keys, so what the fuck do you keep in there?!), and — this one really baffles me — the random stuff you analyze when trying to figure out if a guy is into you. As my civic duty, I’m going to lay out exactly what you should be keeping an eye on. Here’s what we do when we like you.

We Text You Between Noon and 5 p.m.
It’s not the frequency that shows if he’s into you. The truest sign of a guy’s interest (assuming you’ve been on a few dates) has to do with when he’s sending his texts. Like, before noon is weird. He has a job, right?

You want it to be sometime between noon and 5 p.m. He’s waited just long enough not to look desperate, but he’s leaving enough time for the two of you to make solid plans. Any text after that means you’re an afterthought or his other plans fell through and he wants to get out of his house. Anything beyond 11 p.m. is a booty call. If he texts you at 4 a.m. with “hye baby im drnkn and i wana see u. come outsid,” forget about him. Also, maybe call the police.

We Schmooze with Your Pals
We have watched Sex and the City (please don’t tell) and know how influential your friends are. If a cocktail endears us to them, we’ll shell out.

We’re also hoping it will loosen your pals’ lips and they’ll tell us some embarrassing stories about you. Those stories show that you know how to have fun. We’ll laugh over a tale about your getting buzzed at a college event and hitting on the dean. But be warned: If your BFF shares the time you got so trashed that you made out with the entire lacrosse team, we may judge you.

We Take You Out During the Day
If he wants to get drinks near his place, he has an agenda. He’s going to get you tipsy and casually suggest going back to his pad, where he’ll try to score.

Someone who invites you to lunch legitimately wants to get to know you. Even better, he thinks you’re pretty enough not to need dim lighting and booze. Bonus points if he’s willing to come to your neighborhood. One more thing: We aren’t being lazy when we ask you to suggest a restaurant. We’re doing it because it guarantees that you’ll enjoy your meal. If I pick, we’re going to end up at Quiznos — delicious but not so romantic.

We E-mail You
I’ve heard many female friends complain that a guy sent them an e-mail instead of calling. Don’t take it as a bad sign! If he sends it during the workday, it’s because he’s stressed out and you provide him with a pleasant escape.

Be wary of the guy who prefers Facebook messaging. Men use it as a distraction, and chances are, yours isn’t the only wall he’s writing on. Hell, he’s probably even poking other chicks. Side note: There’s nothing lamer than a guy who uses the poke function.

Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2011


>Hello World Thursday, Jun 9 2011 

>Hello World, how ya been….. so I decided today was the day to make changes and I did by having my own blog. There are so many things in this world that passes us by that we forget to stop to “smell the flowers”. I have so much to say, my opinions, views, or whatever it may be is what needs to be expressed in this point in my life. I have been married, I have traveled, been divorced, love gained and love lost, I have lived a life that many cant say that they have, because of my life experiences I have so much to say. So, hopefully some will like,  hate, laugh or even cry but in the end it is my words!