How to Read His Beach Body Language Tuesday, May 22 2012 

I’m a big people watcher, especially at the beach. I mean it’s a classic form of entertainment watching complete strangers setting up camp, wondering “why in the hell would you choose to wear that article of clothing”, or the watching the group of hot boys not to far from you play in the sand.
I’ve always wondered what is he thinking as he’s all muscled out, walking with his friends, or with a girlfriend applying sunblock on her back. Well, if you’re interested check this out…

How to Read His Beach Body Language

Body language experts say that guys are way flirtier at the beach. (Hello, that’s what your slammin’ body on display does to a dude.) His actions can tell you a ton about his hook-up potential and availability, so here’s a guide to the sand and surf behavior that screams “I Want You.”
By Brittany Talarico
Cosmopolitan June 2012

•He Strolls the Beach With a Bouncy Step
If you spot a hottie walking back and forth near your chair or towel with some pep in his step, pay attention. “A lively stroll conveys confidence and interest,” says body language expert Lillian Glass, PhD. He’s showing himself off for you, and it’s an early clue that he wants you to notice him.

•His Toes Are in the Sand…Pointed At You
“Even if his eyes and head are focused somewhere else, if his feet are directed your way and dig into the sand, he’s planted himself next to you to show interest,” explains Glass. Same goes for his upper body: If he positions his chest and shoulders at you, even if he’s looking at someone else, he’s still set his sights on you.

•He Plays With
His Board Shorts
When a guy grabs at the clothing around his waist, he’s subconsciously trying to draw your attention to his package. So if you see him pulling at the drawstring on his trunks or fiddling with the waistband, steamy thoughts are most likely running through his head. Thing is, this can also be a sign that he’s immature—he’s thinking only about sex, not getting to know you, adds Glass.

•He Stands Above You
“This is a power stance and he’s trying to dominate and show sexual attraction,” says Glass. Check how far apart his legs are too: If his stance is wide and his pelvis is facing you, then yowza—he’s really hot for you.

•He Splashes Around Solo
Uh-oh, beware this beach behavior. “It’s a childish, immature move; he’s jumping around in the water to try to get your attention when he should be spending more time connecting face to face or inviting you in for a dip with him,” says Glass.

•He Touches Your Bare Arm
Sure it’s hard for a guy to resist touching the sexy skin revealed by your bikini, but grazing your arm is a tip-off that he’s feeling a serious connection. Where he touches you tells you what he has in mind. “If he touches your shoulder, it indicates friendship,” says Glass. “Anywhere below that suggests he’s sexually attracted to you and very interested.”

•He Takes Off His Sunglasses
He may as well just get down on one knee right along the shoreline. Kidding! But if a guy removes his sunnies and engages in direct eye contact while chatting with you, he’s displayng real interest and is looking for more than just a happy hour companion.



Fun in the Sun, maybe… Tuesday, May 22 2012 

Well, it’s Memorial Day Weekend coming up, which means its beach time. I love the beach, it’s one of the things that I miss the most living in Florida. I had my car always prepared in case I wanted some relaxation for a few hours on the beach. Now, being that I’m not quite ready for my body to be in a cute bathing suit or have my tan on, I will make the most of it by saying F it. I made my appointment to get my spray tan (trust me my days in the tanning beds are long done) and will then shop for a bathing suit that won’t make me throw up when I see it on myself. This of course is the reason I need the spray tan first, because a tan body looks better than a white fat body.
I am on the right track as far as trying to slim down, gave up the fast food, no sodas, and allowing a skim latte 3 times a week. I’ve been bringing my lunch to work and counting my calories, my clothes are fitting better but, still not noticing a difference on the scale. My doctors appointment yesterday really pissed me off, because as you know I had several surgeries on my back late last year. As of the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing some of the pain and spasms in my back like before, so for my doctor just to give me a few prescriptions of pain pills and suggest working out isn’t an option just of yet. So hello gallon of water I’ll be drinking everyday. And I will be on the beach, I may not be my slim self yet but as long as my boobs look good, have a pretty tan, and a drink in my hand I will be happy! So, forget what everybody is thinking, if they are making me of you part if their thoughts it’s better than not being thought of as well. Tired of the over critical thoughts and opinions a person has to say about another even when they don’t know the obstacles they have had to overcome just to get to the “beach”. Hell, a year ago I was bedridden and miserable in pain, I couldn’t even walk from my car to the front door of my apartment. If this is just a minor setback I’m okay with this but refuse to let this interfere with my life again. I want to celebrate my summer on the beach, have a hell of a 41st birthday party, and to find a way to suck the fat out of me without crying!
For those going out of town this weekend, be careful but have fun in the sun!

How to have Sex on the Beach… Thursday, May 3 2012 

How to have sex on the beach is about as much fun as sex in a pool. I can recall my first time with a one night fling while I had just moved to Panama City Beach. Of course there was drinking involved, beautiful night, and a very cute guy. We were at a bar on the beach and after some constant flirting, we decided to go for it on the beach. It was exciting and sandy. Of course everything was going well until the water came up, washed my skirt and shirt away. The beach security busted us mid way and have to say I was slightly embarrassed. We did accomplish our goal of sex on the beach and then some. But here are a few pointers for you sand in the cracks and sex on the beach….

Exactly How to Have Sex on the Beach
by Ariane Marder
Glamour June 2012

And no, I do not mean the unfortunately-named cocktail. I’m talking real-deal fornication in the sand.

The year was 2000, and I had fallen hard for my friend’s cousin (looking back, it was clearly the allure of vacation sex that had me so smitten, but whatever). We were at a New Year’s party at a beach house and I was wearing a floor-length black dress. After ringing in the new millennium, we decided to take a romantic stroll and well, we didn’t end going very far before planting ourselves in the sand and getting busy. I learned a few valuable lessons that night that I feel it’s my duty to share:

1. Time is of the essence.
Nighttime is obviously the easiest time due to the darkness factor and because there’s usually no one around. (It’s also the only time you can get away with being completely naked on most American shores.) But if you find yourself at the beach mid-day, all hot and bothered by something besides the sun, you have another option: Location scouting. Look for a stretch of sand that’s secluded (duh) and preferably only accessible by one entrance (so that you can see who is coming).

2. Sand is your vulva’s enemy (notice I didn’t say vagina?).
To avoid sand crotch, there are a few precautions you can take. Bring a giant towel or beach blanket that will fit the both of you comfortably. Or, better yet, make like a family with a baby and bring one of those portable beach cabanas that give you optimal coverage. (Your skin will thank you, too!)

3. Position yourself wisely.
Despite what the movies show, missionary is not ideal for beach sex. Say, for instance, in lieu of your best efforts to remain unseen, you are happened upon by peepers. His naked bum will be a dead giveaway that you are in a salacious act. Instead, I suggest spooning (and if you’re in a bathing suit, it’s easy to move your bottoms to the side). You could also sit on his lap facing him and wrap your legs around him. But be sure to drape a towel around your shoulders for privacy. And please watch out for crabs (the crustaceans, sillies)!

4. Make it count.
Once the logistics are out of the way, now comes the easy part: enjoying it. Having sex on the beach is wild and romantic. And, let’s be honest, it’s not something you can do on a daily basis. So take a moment to listen to the waves crashing on the shore, or if it’s night, look up at that beautiful starry sky.

5. Rinse (and repeat!).
OK, so chances are you’ll end up sandy (and a bit sticky). Here comes the best part: The water is only steps away. Head for a swim and wash away any sediment you may have picked up in the act. I assure you that the lapping waves and salty ocean make for a one-of-a-kind post-coital snuggle.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for summer!

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Can you really forgive if you can’t forget Monday, Jun 6 2011 

So I have been laid up the last week from an injury self-inflicted, it’s called old age. Anyway, amongst my recuperation I receive a phone call from 2 old friends from when we lived in Miami, that were in Nola for the weekend and wanted to catch up. It’s strange because we were all transplanted to Miami, be it because of school, work, and the military. I was there because I was married and my ex husband was in the Coast Guard. None of us had any family there nor could we be with our families when we wanted. We would all get for all holidays, birthdays, and go out to the beach on the weekends. There were 16 of us “homeless” as the boys called it. We were a tight nit family. I remember crying at our going away party,I was gonna miss these great group of people who touched my life. My two pals who visited was Aaron and Hunter they were my favorites, always joking and laughing at anything that came their way. I loved hanging out with those two because it was always some funny story that came about. I was a little nervous to see them, don’t get me wrong I was totally excited after 7 years apart. Yeah we talked on Facebook but sitting down and seeing them was different. See, when I divorced it was very unexpected, I was madly in love. Our friends couldn’t believe that he left me, and I was so emotionally distraught. But time went on as so did I, and thought I wouldn’t feel these flood of emotions from my past. So, we meet for dinner, we all can’t believe we haven’t seen each other in so long. I was worried I had aged in my 7 years, but was told otherwise by my guys. Then, the stories of all the good times we had, our weekly dinners I would prepare for everyone, and what happened to my marriage. I hadn’t felt like something was missing until that moment. I guess I just swept my old feelings and emotions under the rug. I remember thinking ” I was so happy, my life was fulfilling, and had everything I wanted. So, I thought, my memories of my past were flooding my mind. This man I shared a great life with together just decided to move on without me. Can you really forgive if you can’t forget,,,, I would like to think so because maybe there was a different path I was to be on at this point in my life. Maybe I deserve to be with someone who will love all of me and not just some of me. We are told as young adults we should forgive and forget. But what if you try to forget just to forgive so that you can move on from this emotional moment in your life. As much as I try to block that time, maybe I should forgive and forget the pain and remember the good times and people I met through our marriage. I am stronger and almost to my happy place. I have hopes and dreams for my future and hope that forgiveness means forgetting my old wounds and move on to a happier future.