DO or DON’T? Photoshopping Your Ex Out of Pictures Thursday, Mar 21 2013 

I was recently reading my daily edition of Glamour when I came across this article regarding: Photoshopping Your Ex out of Pictures. I have to say I have contemplated this situation as I ended my previous relationship, going through old photos of holidays, birthdays, or special events. Many of which I look amazing and have fond memories except for the fact my ex is in many photos. Now, as I am trying to figure how I can save this picture of a great day (LSU TIGERS FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2007). I decided to block out my ex face and put in LSU TIGERS mascot Mike the Tiger. Grant it, years ago I wouldn’t have thought about photoshop my old pictures of ex’s or what not. But, given the thought I look amazing why should I trash a special moment, all for the reason I cannot stand the sight of my biggest mistake/ex. You just make it work to your benefit!
What do you think…would you photoshop your ex from a picture?

DO or DON’T? Photoshopping Your Ex Out of Pictures

by Gena Kaufman
Glamour 3/15/2013

Some of us might just straight up destroy all evidence of a previous relationship, but for those who want to keep their memories without having their ex paraded in front of their faces, what do you think of this solution: Keep the photos, edit out the offending ex?

The Huffington Post recently pointed out a trend of Reddit users submitting their edited photos. First, a graphic designer who had been asked to photoshop a photo for a woman who wanted her ex-daughter-in-law removed from a family photo:

Ouch. Sorry, ex-wife.

Then, there was this post by a regular non-graphic-designer guy who took it upon himself to edit his own photo of himself with his ex-wife. His version is a bit more rough around the edges but also infinitely more hilarious:

Ouch, but…yum?

Would you guys ever go to such lengths to doctor a photo? Even though the idea of replacing all my exes with giant hot dogs (yes, there’s an intentional wiener joke in there) is pretty appealing for the hilarity, I can’t see myself ever seriously altering a picture. I can see why you wouldn’t want to sit around staring at your ex or your son’s ex, but…you can’t change history, you know? Everyone is still going to remember that the ex was there no matter how many delicious burritos you put in their place.

Source: Reddit



Beauty Eyes Monday, May 7 2012 

I love the look for Spring adding the different color of eye liner to the top of the eye above the black or brown liner or just adding a touch of color to your bottom rim of the eye. So girlies, try something a little different go for some color it could be a new pop of color you need this season.

A Cool New Eyeliner Trick
by Baze Mpinja
Glamour June 2012

Wow, Eva Mendes really knocked it out of the park at a screening of her new film, Girl in Progress, in Los Angeles–I’m so in love with her eyeliner! Overall, I would give Eva’s entire look two enthusiastic thumbs-up. From her brows to her blush to her lipstick, everything is working together in perfect harmony. But her green eyeliner is the showstopper (check out a mesmerizing close-up here).

She’s wearing a thick swipe of basic black liner on her top lash lines, but she switched it up on the bottom and went with a gorgeous emerald green that looks like it has a teensy bit of sparkle in it. Isn’t it so pretty with her eye color and skin tone? And it’s such a nice alternative to the usual allover black or brown. Does this woman ever have a bad beauty day? Eva even looks amazing when she goes grocery shopping. How is this fair?

Oh, well. At least she gives us great ideas. Think you’ll copy her latest look? Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Jungle, $4, and Anna Sui Eye Liner Pencil in Neon Green, $19, are good choices.


Beauty: The Hottest Nail Polishes this Spring Thursday, May 3 2012 

Love, love, love the nail colors for spring and summer! Just wish I had a manicurist at my home when I wanna change my nail shade on a daily basis. I suck at polishing my nails, I guess it’s my unsteady hands. I am a fan of the teal L’oreal Club Prive. Better check out these hot shades of color…

The Hottest Nail Polishes to Paint On This Spring
We called up Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist and founder of her namesake nail, hand, and foot care company, to see what polish you should be topping your tips with this season. (Not to mention the best place to wear them.)
By Carly Cardellino
Glamour June 2012

Lovely Lavender
“Lilac hues are a great alternative to nudes,” says Lippmann. “This shade is perfect for an interview because it’s understated, yet allows you to still wear a bit of color.”

Zoya Nail Polish in Kendal, $8,


Courtesy Image
Special Effects
“What’s fun about a layering a clear, yet glittery polish over any hue is that it can really change up your manicure in seconds,” explains Lippmann. She suggests painting on a top coat like this before heading out to happy hour.

China Glaze Capitol Colours Nail Lacquer in Luxe and Lush, $5.99,

Courtesy Image
Pure Magic
These magnetic polishes are mind-blowingly cool because they’re blended with metallic particles that move when exposed to the magnetic-filled cap. Translation: You’ll either end up with a super-subtle wave design on your nails (best for work) or a seriously intense one (more for play), depending on how long you hold the magnetic cap over your polish while it’s still drying. Slowly move the magnet around to the left and right simultaneously if you want to change up the patterns.

Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Wave Design Nail Lacquer Sets in Nails of Steel, $36 for two,

Fast Fuchsia
The only exception for this bright, fun color: an interview. But once you land the job swap out your go-to classic red shade for this fresh take on crimson, says Lippmann.

Essie Nail Polish in Tour de Finance, $8,

They Call It Mellow Yellow…Not
Okay, we get it, you’re not afraid to be noticed. “This fluorescent hue will best suit you surf- or pool-side.” Not exactly a beauty risk taker? “If you’re too afraid to try out this trend on your nails, the best place to experiment is on your toes,” adds Lippmann.

Sinful Colors Nail Enamel in Neon Melon, $1.99,

Courtesy Image
Cool Prints
Out man hunting? These real nail polish stickers are topped with patterns that will not only grab his attention, but they’ll also give you something to talk about right off the bat.

Sephora by OPI Trend Tips in Cherries, $12,

Tamed-Down Teal
We like to refer to it as the out-with-your-girlfriends-green. “It’s fun, flirty, and light-hearted,” says Lippmann. Plus, it can be worn anywhere from the mall to karaoke night with your BFF’s.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Polish in Club Prive, $5.99, at drugstores nationwide

A Sure Bet
“This sherbert shade is definitely work-worthy, since it imparts a subtle orange tint onto tips,” says Lippmann. Paint on one coat for a pale peach finish and two for a more opaque effect.
Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color + Care in Sorbet, $5.99, at drugstores nationwide

Let Me See Your Peacock
It’s not your average going-out shade, but this blue-green opalescent polish adds a cool twist for tips since it allows them to be edgy without looking too-dark, adds Lippmann.

Tuff Scented Scent Infused Nail Polish in Mother Nature, $10,, which also leaves a subtle scent of spearmint on your nails.


How to have Sex on the Beach… Thursday, May 3 2012 

How to have sex on the beach is about as much fun as sex in a pool. I can recall my first time with a one night fling while I had just moved to Panama City Beach. Of course there was drinking involved, beautiful night, and a very cute guy. We were at a bar on the beach and after some constant flirting, we decided to go for it on the beach. It was exciting and sandy. Of course everything was going well until the water came up, washed my skirt and shirt away. The beach security busted us mid way and have to say I was slightly embarrassed. We did accomplish our goal of sex on the beach and then some. But here are a few pointers for you sand in the cracks and sex on the beach….

Exactly How to Have Sex on the Beach
by Ariane Marder
Glamour June 2012

And no, I do not mean the unfortunately-named cocktail. I’m talking real-deal fornication in the sand.

The year was 2000, and I had fallen hard for my friend’s cousin (looking back, it was clearly the allure of vacation sex that had me so smitten, but whatever). We were at a New Year’s party at a beach house and I was wearing a floor-length black dress. After ringing in the new millennium, we decided to take a romantic stroll and well, we didn’t end going very far before planting ourselves in the sand and getting busy. I learned a few valuable lessons that night that I feel it’s my duty to share:

1. Time is of the essence.
Nighttime is obviously the easiest time due to the darkness factor and because there’s usually no one around. (It’s also the only time you can get away with being completely naked on most American shores.) But if you find yourself at the beach mid-day, all hot and bothered by something besides the sun, you have another option: Location scouting. Look for a stretch of sand that’s secluded (duh) and preferably only accessible by one entrance (so that you can see who is coming).

2. Sand is your vulva’s enemy (notice I didn’t say vagina?).
To avoid sand crotch, there are a few precautions you can take. Bring a giant towel or beach blanket that will fit the both of you comfortably. Or, better yet, make like a family with a baby and bring one of those portable beach cabanas that give you optimal coverage. (Your skin will thank you, too!)

3. Position yourself wisely.
Despite what the movies show, missionary is not ideal for beach sex. Say, for instance, in lieu of your best efforts to remain unseen, you are happened upon by peepers. His naked bum will be a dead giveaway that you are in a salacious act. Instead, I suggest spooning (and if you’re in a bathing suit, it’s easy to move your bottoms to the side). You could also sit on his lap facing him and wrap your legs around him. But be sure to drape a towel around your shoulders for privacy. And please watch out for crabs (the crustaceans, sillies)!

4. Make it count.
Once the logistics are out of the way, now comes the easy part: enjoying it. Having sex on the beach is wild and romantic. And, let’s be honest, it’s not something you can do on a daily basis. So take a moment to listen to the waves crashing on the shore, or if it’s night, look up at that beautiful starry sky.

5. Rinse (and repeat!).
OK, so chances are you’ll end up sandy (and a bit sticky). Here comes the best part: The water is only steps away. Head for a swim and wash away any sediment you may have picked up in the act. I assure you that the lapping waves and salty ocean make for a one-of-a-kind post-coital snuggle.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for summer!

Photo: Thinkstock