6 Girls It’s Totally Cool for Your Boyfriend to Be Facebook Friends With… Sunday, Aug 7 2011 

Hello world, so with the messed up back, I’ve had a lot of down time for reading, well all the magazines. But this article was interesting, because I was thinking to myself, was Glamour using sarcasm or really ok with the boyfriend facebooking these chicks. Or they were manipulating the readers which are mostly all women to thinking no worries it’s cool for your man to Facebook the different type of women listed here. I’m not dissing anyone but, the majority of women I know would be Facebook stalking all these types of girl and their guy,because by majority of women are insecure at one point (I am guilty of a little insecurity at times, I mean who doesn’t) in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a jealous person, ask anyone who knows me. After my divorce, I sort of went in a bizarre 360•, I’m not big on PDA, not a fan spooning or cuddling (especially after sex), and not jealous of other women my guy may talked to but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s cool to have friends of opposite the sex, but it’s when the friendship turns into constant texting on hanging that I would have a problem. Getting back in track, here is the article, what do you think?

6 Girls It’s Totally Cool for Your Boyfriend to Be Facebook Friends With

Don’t freak out if any of these girls are on there!

EX-GIRLFRIENDS As long as the relationship didn’t end with a restraining order, I think it’s good for your guy to be “Friends” with his exes. If he de-friended ’em, how would they know how happy he is with his hot new girlfriend? And that includes …

THE LAST GIRL HE DATED It may sting a little to see a super-recent ex on the list, but the above applies—“Keep your ‘enemies’ close!”—plus, if he de-friended her and she noticed, then it seems like 1) he cares too much to see her move on with her life or 2) his new girlfriend’s controlling his Friends list. The exception: If she’s always leaving super-flirty messages on his wall, I might ask my guy to “hide” her.

CO-WORKERS Assuming your guy doesn’t have any strange hobbies his officemates shouldn’t be privy to (competitive pudding wrestling?) it’s totally fine if he’s Friends with the people in the surrounding cubicles. I mean, you wouldn’t be pissed if a dude co-worker was on his list, right?

RANDOM GIRLS IN BIKINIS If there’s a bikini-clad JWoww-looking girl up there—also identifiable by her uPPerCaseLoweRcAse name—don’t flip out. I bet you a million bucks that she blindly added him. Just like she blindly added the other 145,376 people on her Friends list. The chances of her singling him out for, um, anything are, like, 145,376 to 1.

HIS FRIENDS’ GIRLFRIENDS He’s taken. She’s taken. No problem here, right?

AND THE GIRLS THEY’RE FRIENDS WITH I suppose if you’re really an over-thinker, you could worry that these ladies are trying to steal your guy. But I hope you have better things to worry about.

Would you care if your guy were Facebook Friends with any of the girls above? Is there anyone you DON’T want to see on his Friends list?

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7 Things Chicks Do On Facebook That Guys Hate…. Wednesday, Jun 22 2011 

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Well, I guess it makes some sort of sense from “his” perspective….

http://m.cosmopolitan.com7 Things Chicks Do On Facebook That Guys Hate1. Getting All CIA On Us
“I hate it when chicks turn into ‘spies’ and go digging into your older posts/pictures trying to find dirt, and then ask you about the women they don’t know. It’s as if they’re trying to catch you in some secret affair! Look, if it’s out there for you/all too see, I’m obviously not hiding anything!” –Mike, 32

2. Making That Duck Face
“I cannot stand when women post thousands of goofy faced pictures — especially that fake puckered lips pose. It’s sooooo fake. Whatever happened to smiling?” –Cameron, 30
3. Opening The Vault
“No one wants to know how closely your life resembles the Jerry Springer show. Keep all those ugly details to yourself, please!” –Daniel, 34

4. Writing Dude-Hating Status Updates
“It’s a huge downer when women vent about men in their status updates — how we’re all liars and cheaters. It’s just not true! Cut it out, already!” –Al, 25

5. Posting Self-Portrait Albums
“I find it really lame when a girl has nothing but pictures of herself on her profile. It makes me think she has no friends. It seems kind of pathetic, and seriously vain.” –Raul, 24
6. Doing Premature Relationship Publicity
“This one girl I was hooking up with changed her main profile picture to be a picture of the two of us together. It was way too soon — and I was still dating other girls, who had a lot of questions after that!” –Mike, 27

7. Showing “Artsy” Pictures
“What’s with girls posting pictures of their feet these days? Who wants to see gross toes in a picture of a nice pool or an ocean? It makes zero sense.” –Jesse, 28

Can you really forgive if you can’t forget Monday, Jun 6 2011 

So I have been laid up the last week from an injury self-inflicted, it’s called old age. Anyway, amongst my recuperation I receive a phone call from 2 old friends from when we lived in Miami, that were in Nola for the weekend and wanted to catch up. It’s strange because we were all transplanted to Miami, be it because of school, work, and the military. I was there because I was married and my ex husband was in the Coast Guard. None of us had any family there nor could we be with our families when we wanted. We would all get for all holidays, birthdays, and go out to the beach on the weekends. There were 16 of us “homeless” as the boys called it. We were a tight nit family. I remember crying at our going away party,I was gonna miss these great group of people who touched my life. My two pals who visited was Aaron and Hunter they were my favorites, always joking and laughing at anything that came their way. I loved hanging out with those two because it was always some funny story that came about. I was a little nervous to see them, don’t get me wrong I was totally excited after 7 years apart. Yeah we talked on Facebook but sitting down and seeing them was different. See, when I divorced it was very unexpected, I was madly in love. Our friends couldn’t believe that he left me, and I was so emotionally distraught. But time went on as so did I, and thought I wouldn’t feel these flood of emotions from my past. So, we meet for dinner, we all can’t believe we haven’t seen each other in so long. I was worried I had aged in my 7 years, but was told otherwise by my guys. Then, the stories of all the good times we had, our weekly dinners I would prepare for everyone, and what happened to my marriage. I hadn’t felt like something was missing until that moment. I guess I just swept my old feelings and emotions under the rug. I remember thinking ” I was so happy, my life was fulfilling, and had everything I wanted. So, I thought, my memories of my past were flooding my mind. This man I shared a great life with together just decided to move on without me. Can you really forgive if you can’t forget,,,, I would like to think so because maybe there was a different path I was to be on at this point in my life. Maybe I deserve to be with someone who will love all of me and not just some of me. We are told as young adults we should forgive and forget. But what if you try to forget just to forgive so that you can move on from this emotional moment in your life. As much as I try to block that time, maybe I should forgive and forget the pain and remember the good times and people I met through our marriage. I am stronger and almost to my happy place. I have hopes and dreams for my future and hope that forgiveness means forgetting my old wounds and move on to a happier future.