Jerseylicious Quotes Friday, Aug 26 2011 

I love this show, I don’t what it is about Jersey, you’ve got Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Jerseylicious!

“I think you’re a little psychotic Alexa. Besides, Olivia will be taking over for you. Buh-bye now.”

“Whaaaaaat?! That whooooore! She wouldn’t even know whatta smokey eye was til I taught her. You’re a traitorous bastard, Olivia! I MADE YOU!”




3 Easy Beauty Tricks That Will Make You Instantly Hotter This Weekend Friday, Jul 15 2011 

3 Easy Beauty Tricks That Will Make You Instantly Hotter This Weekend

One thing that’s not on your list of fun activities this weekend: sweating in front of the mirror trying to do some elaborate eye makeup look or get your hair stick-straight. Here are three of our favorite summer beauty tricks for getting hotter without all the hassle.

1. Wear orange toenail polish with your nude sandals, a combo we’ve spotted on Kristen Bell and we saw on Jamie Chung

2. Let bronzer reveal your inner summer goddess.

Check out Beth’s tips on the exact best way to apply bronzer, with Minka Kelly as our summer makeup muse.

3. Slip on a faux braid headband, like the one we saw here (they sell ’em at mall stores like Sephora and Aldo).