Fun in the Sun, maybe… Tuesday, May 22 2012 

Well, it’s Memorial Day Weekend coming up, which means its beach time. I love the beach, it’s one of the things that I miss the most living in Florida. I had my car always prepared in case I wanted some relaxation for a few hours on the beach. Now, being that I’m not quite ready for my body to be in a cute bathing suit or have my tan on, I will make the most of it by saying F it. I made my appointment to get my spray tan (trust me my days in the tanning beds are long done) and will then shop for a bathing suit that won’t make me throw up when I see it on myself. This of course is the reason I need the spray tan first, because a tan body looks better than a white fat body.
I am on the right track as far as trying to slim down, gave up the fast food, no sodas, and allowing a skim latte 3 times a week. I’ve been bringing my lunch to work and counting my calories, my clothes are fitting better but, still not noticing a difference on the scale. My doctors appointment yesterday really pissed me off, because as you know I had several surgeries on my back late last year. As of the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing some of the pain and spasms in my back like before, so for my doctor just to give me a few prescriptions of pain pills and suggest working out isn’t an option just of yet. So hello gallon of water I’ll be drinking everyday. And I will be on the beach, I may not be my slim self yet but as long as my boobs look good, have a pretty tan, and a drink in my hand I will be happy! So, forget what everybody is thinking, if they are making me of you part if their thoughts it’s better than not being thought of as well. Tired of the over critical thoughts and opinions a person has to say about another even when they don’t know the obstacles they have had to overcome just to get to the “beach”. Hell, a year ago I was bedridden and miserable in pain, I couldn’t even walk from my car to the front door of my apartment. If this is just a minor setback I’m okay with this but refuse to let this interfere with my life again. I want to celebrate my summer on the beach, have a hell of a 41st birthday party, and to find a way to suck the fat out of me without crying!
For those going out of town this weekend, be careful but have fun in the sun!


Thank you… Tuesday, May 31 2011 

So, it was a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend. Surrounded by family and friends, but the realness of this weekend was a salute to all of the service men and women. I wanted to give thanks to all the men and woman who have dedicated theirs lives for our freedom. We forget that they will have to leave their family and loved ones for a specific amount of time. Normally, its, for 6 months to a year if not more these soldiers to be shipped out. Our freedom it what they are fighting for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we cannot ever fully repay,” Obama said in a speech. “But we can honor their sacrifice, and we must.” There is a lot of patriotism, but is it for the true meaning of Memorial day or is it for the 3 day weekend that everyone so looks forward too. I believe in our fight for freedom, but to a point, let’s focus on our own agenda, our Country! Let’s bring our men and woman home and forge a new fight for a better America,  instead of poverty and violence, increase education and job security for all those here that want to make a difference for our children’s future. Give a thank you to all our service men and women, let them know how we as a Country appreciate them every minute that they are gone fighting for our Freedom!