The 10 Commandments of Lipstick Wednesday, May 16 2012 

I find it interesting how as a teenager I was a lipstick whore. I had so many colors to choose from to match my outfits. But then as I got older I changed my tune and started wearing gloss or matte lipstick. Today, I can probably look in my purse and have the following: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, Maybelline Baby Lips, Estée Lauder Pure Color Gloss (wet cranberry), Benefit Ultra Shine (nudie-tude), MAC Sheen Supreme (new temptations), and lastly Napolean Perdis Lip Stain & Plumper (moon- my most favorite). I can honestly say that #6 was never even a beauty “yes”, ever! So if you’re like me check out “The 10 Commandments of Lipstick”…

The 10 Commandments of Lipstick:

Step aside, gloss. Lipstick is back in a big way, making mouths look strong, rich, and thoroughly refined. Here, the rules for doing lipstick right, right now.

Allure 2012

Start fresh. Exfoliate lips once or twice a week (Cantello uses a mix of salt and almond oil), then follow with balm. (We love EOS Lip Balm Smooth Sphere.)

“Shimmer can look cheap,” says makeup artist Troy Surratt. Look for lipsticks with a creamy finish. “Light reflection should come from moisture in the formula, not metallic pigments,” he says. Two hydrating options: Dolce & Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick and Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick.

Choose a bright shade based on your lips’ natural color—not your skin tone. Women with pale lips look best in cherry red or coral; for naturally reddish lips, try hot pink, orange, or cranberry; for dark lips, brick red and burgundy are ideal. Try Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 01 (for pale lips), M.A.C. Lustre Lipstick in Lustering (for reddish lips), or L’Oréal Paris Infallible Le Rouge in Bold Bordeaux (for dark lips).

The prettiest nude lip color is slightly brighter or deeper than your skin tone. If you’re pale, look for something with a hint of pink, like Burberry Beauty Lip Cover in Nude Rose. Those with yellow or olive undertones or dark skin look best with sandy beiges, like CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Delish.

Blue- or black-based shades that are too dark can be severe, aging, and even a little scary. Look for lipsticks with berry undertones instead. (Try Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Wild Winterberry or Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Colour in Burgundy Lustre SPF 18.

Liner is no longer a must—today’s lipsticks don’t bleed,” says Surratt. To enhance your Cupid’s bow or add symmetry, use a pencil that matches your lips, not your lipstick.

Careful application is good; clinical precision isn’t. Just smudge the border of your lips slightly.

When applying any shade of lipstick, start at the center of lips and blend color out toward the corners of your mouth. (Never apply it directly to the corners of your mouth—it will look clownish.)

Prevent a strong lipstick shade from looking heavy by swiping it on just your bottom lip, pressing lips together, and using your finger to distribute the color over your mouth.

To make your lipstick last longer, apply it straight from the tube, blot with a tissue, then swipe it on again. “Blotting will create a base, and the second coat adds shine and coverage,” says Surratt.


Elle Woods~Legally Blonde Quotes Monday, Apr 30 2012 

This movie always cheers me up…

Elle: You’re breaking up with me because I’m too… blonde?
Warner Huntington III: Well, no. That’s not entirely true…
Elle: Then what? My boobs are too big?

~Elle Woods
Legally Blonde


Beauty: Pretty Lips Friday, Sep 30 2011 

Ok, so I’m a lip gloss whore, I must have at least 4-5 different colors and types in my purse. But I read this article in Elle and bought the Peach Fuzz. Wasn’t real sticky and such a pretty color on the lips!

Crystal ClearThe glassy, pigment-packed formula of L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Gloss in Raspberry Splash, Peach Fuzz, and Nude Illusion conditions lips with argan oil and vitamin E. – Credit: Kevin Cremens


Jerseylicious Quotes Friday, Aug 26 2011 

I love this show, I don’t what it is about Jersey, you’ve got Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Jerseylicious!

“I think you’re a little psychotic Alexa. Besides, Olivia will be taking over for you. Buh-bye now.”

“Whaaaaaat?! That whooooore! She wouldn’t even know whatta smokey eye was til I taught her. You’re a traitorous bastard, Olivia! I MADE YOU!”



Lip Gloss: Love It Or Loathe It? Friday, Aug 26 2011 

I read this article this morning and have to say “I love lip gloss”! I probably have 4 different color lip glosses, 1 lip balm, and 1 lip buff in my purse. What can I say I like variety, the color, the smell, and the shine on the lips that it gives, is what I love about it! I have never been a lipstick fan, maybe because it reminds me of my grandmother who would wear these frost color lipsticks. So, as I would spend the summers with her, she would give me her old tubes of lipstick to play dress up. Needless to say, I just wasn’t interested in het choice of lip color.
Which brings me to my love for lip gloss, it started with the clear rollerball type, then came the sparkle, and finally color. I like the sheer color palettes so I can wear my lip gloss anytime of the year. So here you go, what do you wear on your lips…

Choosing what lip product to apply isn’t exactly rocket science. Your choices can be boiled down to three basic products: lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm. Every morning without fail, I slick on my favorite tinted lip balm, YSL Volupté Glossy Balm Crystal Color in Dewy Papaya, and for a special occasion I’ll smooth on some lipstick. But I never grab a lip gloss.

If it wasn’t apparent from her ode to cherry Chapstick, beauty rebel Katy Perry is also a glossophobe. Jake Bailey, Perry’s makeup artist, says that she refuses to use gloss because it makes her feel self-conscious. “Many women, some of my clients included, have a slight phobia of lip gloss. Singers in particular tend to stay away because their lips can stick together slightly while they are trying to sing,” Bailey says. I can’t imagine Perry—who is basically the music industry’s Wonder Woman—feeling insecure about anything. But who hasn’t had a messy situation of your hair becoming glued to your lips after a chaotic gust of wind?
For those of us looking to face our glossy fears and experiment with the shiny stuff, Bailey recommends a lightweight formula that’s not too sticky and sheer in color. “Heavier formulas tend to glop up on the corners of the mouth and glosses with too much pigment can look sloppy if not impeccably maintained.” Bailey uses a brush to apply lip gloss onto his clients, “but when you apply it yourself its easiest to use your fingers unless it’s the kind that comes with a wand.” Gloss should be applied in a thin, even layer; “using too much product will start to look messy very quickly,” Bailey says.


Beauty : Lip Tint Thursday, Aug 4 2011 

I must say this is one of my must have ( I literally have 5 different types of lip gloss/tint in my purse ). I definetly love the Benefit Benetint Products and the Benefit Mascara. But this Benetint Lip Balm is great just to wear day or night. Sephora carries the Benefit line with testers to sample all their products.

A tinted lip balm

Cherry red in the pot, it gives lips a sheer berry tone; it smells like a rose garden and slicks on like a gloss.

The balm is smooth and hydrating—and also works on cheeks to create a nonsticky, dewy flush.

—Kayleigh Donahue


Confessions of a Shopaholic Quotes Tuesday, Aug 2 2011 

This is one of my favorite movies and then I started to read all the books by Sophie Kinsella. This is a quote that I totally believe in….

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.”

— Sophie Kinsella (Confessions of a Shopaholic)


Top 10 Rules for Vacation Packing—The Beauty Edition Monday, Aug 1 2011 

I do travel with my job, plus my office is 45 minute drive from my home. So, this article has some great tips for Vacation packing or just a small bag to carry with the essentials when I can’t make it home before I have an event to attend.

Top 10 Rules for Vacation Packing—The Beauty Edition
Allure July 2011


Street-style darling and editor at large for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo is one of the most recognizable faces in fashion these days. This week, the editrix took to her personal blog to let us in on her top ten secrets for couture packing, including fun and quirky tips from bringing only ONE pair of high heels to updating your iPod playlist. Her list got me thinking about packing beauty products for travel—especially when you’re a product junkie. Consider this the beauty-edition rules:

1. Have an emergency kit for when you get off the plane to avoid looking haggard. Keep a refreshing face mist, makeup wipes, moisturizer, concealer, and lip balm stashed in your purse that you can apply right before you land.
2. Bring your own toiletries—never trust anything provided for you at the hotel.
3. Never, ever pack anything over 3 ounces in your carry-on. It’s forbidden to empty out hundreds of dollars worth of products, in tears, in front of a long line at security.
4. This is not the time for a profession train case—soft, zip-up travel cases, like the ones from Sonia Kashuk, are best to stash in a suitcase and to stay organized.
5. Bring fragrance, but try and grab sample sizes of your favorite scent at the fragrance counter. If you’re going to bring a full-size bottle, make sure it isn’t too fragile—you don’t need your bottle of Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels in pieces after being tossed around in baggage claim.
6. Sunscreen is a must. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 can both be used on your face and body. If you’re not checking a bag, purchase a big bottle of sunscreen when you arrive at your destination—no ifs, ands, or buts.
7. Minimize your makeup. We all have more shadows and lipsticks than we know what to do with, but think realistically about how much makeup you’re going to wear on your trip. You need the basics—mascara, black liner, blush, and a base (foundation or concealer, or both—whatever you use at home). Then pack two shadows—one for day (shimmering beige is nice) and one for night (charcoal or deep purple, perhaps)—or just go with bronze: It works both day and night. For lips, make sure you have one bright and one neutral option.
8. Don’t forget hair elastics, bobby pins, and a clip or two. These are the items you always forget to bring—then always wish you had. When it comes to styling products, pack what you absolutely need, and if you’re one of those people who can’t go without blow-drying your hair, bring your own—we all know how powerful the ones hooked up to the hotel wall are…
9. Thou shall not leave the house without tweezers. You don’t need stray hairs popping up between your brows or on your chin that you’re stuck with until you get home.
10. Let your location inspire you. Going to the beach? Pack coral and bronze makeup shades and a light, tropical fragrance. Off to Paris? Red lips and some Chanel No. 5. New York-bound? Gray shadow, texturizing spray, and a bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid.



10 New Sexy (and Speedy) Makeup Looks Sexing up your look takes more than a red lip stain and tousled hair (but that’s a good place to start). It also takes restraint, grace, and the ineffable ability to make it look like you didn’t fuss for hours over every last detail. In that spirit, we offer you our favorite sexy new looks that actually only take about 30 seconds to create. Monday, Jul 4 2011 

Natural Moisturized Lips
Sex kittens the world over swear by this one: Apply a lipstick that matches your natural lip color, then make your mouth superglossy by coating it in clear balm or gloss. (We love Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15.)

Glowing Skin
If you’re wearing anything cut up to here or down to there, you can’t neglect your arms, decolleté, and legs. A good body lube, like Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil, will make the skin look smooth, dewy, and that most tantalizing of adjectives, supple.

Metallic Lids
It takes a certain kind of woman—specifically, the smoking hot kind—to get away with eyelids dripping in rich gold shadow. Don’t wimp out with safe bronze or pale copper—try pure gold, like Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Busy Signal, smeared on from the lashes to the crease.

Warm Cheeks
Nothing says corn-fed, golly-gee sweetness like naturally blushing cheeks. And since you can absolutely fake that kind of Lolita glow, there’s rosy cream blush. Rub it on the apples of your cheeks and let the hair twirling begin. (Our favorite: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pink Truffle.)

Lived-in Eyeliner
Smoky eyeliner always makes the sexy list for two reasons: 1) It makes people think of sex and 2) we forget the second one. The trick is to take a black pencil, cream liner, and powder shadow and go to town around the eyes—trace the lashes with the pencil and cream liner, smudge the lines gently with a brush or cotton swab, and then swipe black cream and powder shadows from the lids to the crease, brusquely blending as you go.

Warm Skin
To gives skin a warm, sunny glow, try St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse—it doesn’t streak, and thanks to its Aromaguard technology, it doesn’t stink, either.
Dramatic Winged Liner
In the interest of full disclosure, this does take more than 30 seconds, but not much. And once you have winged eyeliner in place, no one will notice your other makeup anyway. Line the top and bottom lashes with black liquid liner, then flip the upper line out slightly at the outer corners (a credit card is good for making the wing straight). Try Shiseido The Makeup Fine Eyeliner.

Violet Eyes
Your neutral greige shadow will not exactly leave the opposite sex panting. Kick up the intrigue level with a shimmery purple shade applied from the lash line to the crease, then line the upper lid with deep violet liquid liner—a look inspired by one of the sexiest shows we’ve seen to date, Versace spring 2010. (We love Sonia Kashuk Enhance Eye Shadow in Purple Velvet and Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Liner in Purple Amethyst.)


Marie Claire

Summer Skin and Hair Problems Solved… Friday, Jul 1 2011 

I found an interesting article on the ELLE. Here are some tips for summer hair and skin problems…

The Problem: SunburnPrevention is the first line of defense—and new SPF technology makes shielding your skin at the beach or pool easier than ever. But hey, no one (and no sunscreen) is perfect and sometimes burns happen.The Solution: Ice-cold compresses can reduce the pain and cool your skin, says dermatologist Jeanine Downie, MD, who also suggests using hydrocortisone cream. But if you’re not able to get relief at home, see a doctor. She recommends the prescription wound-healer Biafine, used for years in Europe to soothe everything from sunburn to biopsy surgical wounds. – Credit: Getty Images


The Problem: Uneven Skin ToneWhile increased sun exposure can cause fair-skinned faces to freckle, darker complexions are also vulnerable: According to dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, women of color are more likely to get uneven pigmentation. “Once that blotchiness sets in, it’s really difficult to treat,” she says. The Solution: Don’t sunbathe. Even a slight tan represents injury to your dermis so keeping up with your sunscreen-slathering duties is a must; a formula with SPF 30 or higher should be reapplied every couple of hours. If the damage has already been done, invest in alpha-hydroxy acid peels. But consider yourself warned: Even though they’ll reduce discoloration, peels will increase your skin’s photosensitivity—making sun protection even more essential. – Credit: Getty Images

The Problem: Embattled Bikini LineWhether you opt for a one-piece or two-piece, the area between your legs is going to get exposed—and sometimes the necessary upkeep can have not-so-fun side effects (think ingrown hairs or painful waxing). The Solution: Downie recommends shaving with a sharp blade every other day using a calming oatmeal-based gel like Aveeno’s; help pesky ingrowns wriggle out with a salicylic acid scrub or topical antibiotic like Evoclin foam. If you prefer waxing but hate the sting, try the BareEase & Cream Prep Kit for wince-free hair removal. – Credit: Getty Images
The Problem: Dull SkinA bright complexion is naturally linked with summer—but sometimes self-tanner and blush just don’t cut it. The Solution: Beautify skin from within. Besides glow-getting ingredients like vitamins A and C, leafy greens are high in natural estrogens that can be beneficial as you age and your own estrogens are in shorter supply. “When estrogens decrease, you can supplement them with plant estrogens,” says dermatologist Cheryl Burgess, MD. “Broccoli has a very high content, as do sweet potatoes. They’ll both make your skin look pretty nice.” – Credit: Getty Images

The Problem: Frizzy HairDepending on where you live, summer can mean hotter, more humid air—which can wreak havoc with defenseless, frizz-prone strands. The Solution: When styling, use a ceramic blow-dryer with a diffuser for fast, smooth results and less heat damage. Finish with a product that’s specially formulated to repel moisture from the humid air (we like L’Oréal EverSleek Frizz Taming Crème Serum). – Credit: Imaxtree

The Problem: Parched LipsIf you thought dry lips were only a cold-weather issue, think again! Drier climates can still cause puckers to shrivel and time outdoors can lead to burning. The Solution: Skip medicated menthol- or camphor-based balms. The tingle is intoxicating, but these formulas will dry lips over time. Instead, look for salves and glosses with soothing ingredients like shea butter and beeswax. SPF is also a must—especially when wearing high-shine gloss, which tends to attract more UV rays because of its reflective shimmer; Avon’s new SPF 15 formula is a smart choice. – Credit: Getty Images

The Problem: BlemishesPimples can happen year-round but extra oil, heat, and sweat make them more prolific in summer months. And, unfortunately, they’re not limited to the face (“There’s also backne and buttne,” says Downie).The Solution: Regardless of where acne crops up, the treatment plan is the same: Use a glycolic or salicylic-acid cleanser and make sure everything you apply to your skin—from makeup and facial soap to body wash and sunscreen—is oil-free so you don’t further clog pores. “Using a glycolic is good twice a week, for no more than five minutes,” says Downie, who notes that overdrying your skin will worsen breakouts. She recommends using a hyaluronic-acid serum to keep your face moisturized but not greasy. – Credit: Getty Images

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