You know I have a little secret to tell: I hate to admit it but I’m currently obsessed with the new show on A&E “Duck Dynasty”. I mean it’s not my kind of show, I’m a city girl who loves watching Sex&the City, reads Confessions of a Shopaholic, loves the spa, shopping, and definatley could never live off the animals killed on the land kinda girl, hell I don’t even like that much facial hair. But for some reason this show is what makes me laugh and happy.
If you have never seen it, well just take a gander at it, it is freaking hilarious and love how this family are a bunch of wealthy rednecks that support each others dreams, but better yet they are a bunch a grown men playing in the woods. They still keep to their roots in Monroe, La. and maybe because in from La. and feel their sense of being. they own and manufacture a duck call device that made them wealthy. Still hunt and fish off the land, devote with their land and duck blind. But each episode features a new adventure, opportunity, or just plain knowledge on the different meanings of the word “HEY”. After their adventures, they all still love hanging out together as a family.
This show cracks me up and have to say I love Jace he is a true southern gentlemen with a sense of humor to make me laugh at any moment. Now people, I am girl girl never been hunting, never cooked “just been killed” animal, love my city life but for some reason I can connect with this show and could watch it repeatedly. Maybe I’m going through a mid-life crisis or maybe I have found a like on the off beaten path. Whatever it is at least it’s fun and I’m not moping around and wallowing in my recent break up.
So, tried something out of the ordinary, do get involved in something that is a complete opposite from what you know. Maybe you will be impress with what you get from it.