So, if anyone watches the show New Girl, should know 1. It’s pretty funny and awesome 2. It’s raunchy but in a clever way and 3. They tend to touch on subjects that are always circling in our own lives (sex, relationships, drinking games, and sex). I personally love all characters on this show especially Schmidt (we all have that friend who should put money in the “douchebag jar”)

Last nights episode was about “back sliding” what is that well its when… “over doesn’t really mean over!” it’s where you freak out, reconsider, and end up running back to your ex out of confusion and desperation you “back slide” back to them for all the wrong reasons!

You know we have all done it, I’m guilty, lying around in my pjs listening to the most depressing song over and over again on repeat, depressed over what has come. You question yourself why, why weren’t you good enough or why didn’t you feel the same way as the other person. So you mourn your short lived relationship or sex relationship and after a night of drinks flowing, feelings appear out of the drunken haze that you should do the unquestionable. You drunk/text dial the old acquainted and make the mistake of “backsliding” into their bed.
After, the next morning you wake up, head banging and you turn over and BAM! it hits you, you did the back slide.
Lesson learned, people if it’s broken and unfixable the first time you can’t “back slide” drunkenly again.