Today as I am pondering what my next move is in my life I wonder how was I so naive to think you make these plans and goals for yourself and you picture these plans for yourself. But people, hate to break it to you: life doesn’t always go the way we plan. Maybe we should tell our children and loved ones when making those plans as a young adult to live life and don’t get so consumed in the straight and narrow but to enjoy life to the fullest. You can still make plans for yourself but make the most out of your mistakes, don’t dwell on what could’ve been. Hopefully, these life experiences will make you stronger and into a much rounded person. As I spoke to my best friend about our marriages we both agreed we may come off as slightly negative about the communion of marriage. But in reality if anyone I know should have any doubt in the smallest way should not go through with this lifetime commitment. Im not saying not to marry but to fix whatever issues and doubts you may have and then proceed with the best decision for both of you. Because if you feel these issues now, they don’t change. Think about yourself and your partner, are you happy, do you make each other smile, and laugh, is the sex good for you (trust me if it’s not now it will never get better, never) are you both finacially stable, do you both want children (because if one does and the other doesn’t are you willing to give up on something as important as never having children when it’s always been important to you) and most importantly do you see yourself with this person by your side and growing old together. If you can honestly say without a doubt with no hesitation an answer to all these questions, then I give you my blessing. People take little thought as to what makes a relationship and a marriage work. Have fun, laugh at yourselves because if you can’t then who will, and most importantly communicate with an open heart and an open mind. I know that I want a man who is secure with himself, who has goals and plans, someone with a kind heart, who is compassionate, a man who can rock my world in the sack, and a man who will cherish me as I will cherish him. I may not know where he is right now but I have to believe that he is out there, we just haven’t met. Like finding a needle in a haystack, but in the meantime I will focus on me. Looking forward to having the bed to myself, a clean house (yeah my man was not a slob but apparently thought I was his mother to pick up after him) and go shopping! If you know where my future is please let me know!