The Top 10 Things To Do With A Bobby Pin

Get your pretty on this weekend (and maybe get into a little trouble too) with this list of 10 genius things to do with a bobby pin, straight from our fab, beauty-packed October issue.

1. Make a side bun. Pin loose waves into a sexy side chignon.

2. Add height. Back-comb just behind your hairline and pin to the crown of your head, says Louis Licari, owner of Louis Lacari salons.

3. Zigzag pins. Place ’em in an X.

4. Get a romantic ‘do. Part hair in the middle, twist each side back and pin in place, says Marie Robinson, co-owner of Marie Robinson Salon.

5. Do a French twist. Twist a very low ponytail tightly upward and hide ends.

6. Fake a no-bangs look. Twist yours under longer hair and secure.

7. Wear a halo. Form a side braid, wrap the length around head and secure.

8. Pull up a topknot. Pin into a bun.

9. Hide flyaways. Work in taming product and tuck them away.

10. MacGyver a keyhole. ‘Nuff said.

Photos: Cathy Crawford/Jupiter Images
by Glamour