Luster Now Instant Whitening Toothpaste
Sure, there are plenty of effective tooth-whitening products out there, but they all require an even more precious resource than time: patience. Toothpaste can take weeks to buff away surface stains, and even the fastest-acting bleaching kits and strips take time and require a vigilance that would challenge a Buddhist monk (Don’t eat! Don’t drink! Don’t talk!) Chemists at Luster are offering instant gratification for anyone with less-than-pearly whites: a toothpaste filled with microscopic, blue-tinted spheres that immediately brighten teeth for hours.

HOW IT WORKS: The action of brushing turns the minty toothpaste into a foam containing a mix of tiny, blue-tinted particles and adhesive polymers called Bluverite, which sinks into the pores of the teeth and forms a temporary bond with the surface. Now for the part your grade-school art teacher will appreciate: the Bluverite cancels out any yellowness on the teeth, creating the illusion of whiteness. Teeth and gums can look slightly blue after rinsing, but this disappears within a few minutes. The whitening effect lasts for about five hours.

WHAT AN EXPERT SAYS: “I love this kind of outside-the-box thinking,” says cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. “This is actually an old technique, dating back to the 1950s, when laundry detergents would add ‘bluing’ to a wash to make it whiter. Blue-white is perceived as cleaner and brighter than yellow-white, and depositing a temporary tint on the teeth really does make them appear whiter and therefore brighter.”