So I’m back! I know it’s been a few weeks but dealing with my discs in my back has been fun ( that would be sarcasm πŸ˜‰ )! Anyway, with all the doctor and hospital visits I decided to destress and focus on getting healthy. Wish I could say it helped but crossing my fingers for my round of back injections! Let me tell you I know understand why women who are pregnant and in labor choose the epidural injection because that is what I’m getting now. It wasn’t as painful as I thought but then again I’m not having contractions, I’m having severe back pain and spasms. I have been somewhat still bed bound with the exception of going to work and doctor visits. I miss going out with my friends, going shopping, or doing any of the basic things that I used to do without hurting with any amount of walking. It has been humbling asking for help or having my family or the bf helping me with the smallest things like taking a shower, shaving my legs, putting my bra on, or getting in or out of bed. But I’m very thankful for all those helping me in my time of need. Let me tell you having to walk and use a cane was hard for me. I just turned 40 years old and have to use a cane to walk around with was very hard for me to get used too. Especially, being around all my friends, seeing their expressions watching them watching me try to do the simplest of things like getting up and walk to the restroom if we are out. But you know what they care and love me so I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Learning to adjust to all this is a challenge but I have faith that I will get better. Just need to keep positive, which has been difficult given the fact that I can’t just get up and go like I used too! Or not being able to go out and hang with my family or friends because I simply can’t because I’m in so much pain or there is too much walking to activity involved. Keep me in your thoughts! 