Well, here is an interesting article I thought I would share with you. First off, I do not like jeggings nor will I ever wear them. But, who knew this would make it in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Questionable Moments In English Language History: “Jeggings” & “Mankini” Added To The Oxford English Dictionary…

Call me crazy, but I didn’t think jeggings would last long enough to warrant space in anyone’s closet over the age of 12, let alone have a lasting impact on our culture. But apparently, they’ve now become so standard that they’ve just received a spot in the Oxford English Dictionary–AKA the premiere authority on our sacred language.

The twelfth edition of the OED, as its informally known, was just released, and there are 400 new words nestled in its pages. Many of the latest entries are technology-based (“retweet” and “sexting” both made the cut!), but the most interesting ones, for our purposes, are “jeggings” (defined as “tight-fitting stretch trousers for women, styled to resemble a pair of denim jeans”) and “mankini” (that would be “a brief one-piece swimsuit for men, with a T-back”). Yeah, seriously. So just how did these two terms find themselves deserving of explanation in the world’s foremost English language reference book?

“The new words were selected after being entered into a database of 2 billion words drawn from contemporary websites and texts to prove their ubiquity,” according to the Telegraph UK. “Angus Stevenson, the dictionary’s editor, said: ‘It’s how the dictionary has always worked–we get as much evidence as we can so we know it’s not just a small number of people using the word and it’s not going to disappear.'”

You heard it here first, ladies–jeggings and mankinis are here to stay!