So, week 8 after hurting my back and still on bed rest. I am so bored out of my mind, that I want to get up and go but that is not possible. I hate having to ask the guy to do my personal shopping, there are certain things I would rather get myself. Instead of him questioning why this and why that… Then of course the subject of sex comes up on a daily basis. If I am crying hysterically in the shower in which I need your help with, why on earth would you think to ask me for sex at a moment like so. Am I the only one who gets this grief all the time? I cannot walk or pretty much do anything without needing help and I can guarantee 100% I don’t feel sexual at all. Or if I’m sick with the flu, covered in Vicks vapor rub, running 101• fever, this is not the time to suggest sex. Especially, that time of the month, I don’t want for you touch me, grab me, or anything. Everything bit of my body does not like you at this time. Take care of business on your own, read a book, or watch t.v. What I want is for you to get a grip and realize that when I want it (sex) I’ll let you know but until then leave me and my body alone.
I guess it is a form of flattery but to what limit does it get totally annoying. Learn some new moves, and drop the porn star routine, it doesn’t work for me on screen nor will it work in the bedroom. I don’t know why men have to be so clueless, even when we try to tell you in the most flattering way to improve your technique, you guys still are dumbfounded. Trust me the answers are right next to you ( significant other ) not from a porno. Maybe I was a porn star or stripper but I am not. I have talked to my girlfriends numerous times on this subject, we all agree, ” boys treat it like a flower, not a piece of chewing gum”! Sometimes, its just easier to do it and get it over then to fight you on this. And for Gods sake take a razor to that bush downstairs. As I always say “nobody likes a mouthful of hairy mess” because trust me it’s not all simple and sweet getting a brazilian and be ready for business, if you know what I mean. Try manscaping for your lady, trust me she will appreciate it in more ways than one! Tell me I look pretty and put the toilet seat down for me, make dinner, or clean up the house without having to ask you 20 times, because I live there too! Try these little things and trust me your girl will show you the way she loves you!