5 No-Fun Things to Hear From Your Ex

Glamour July 2011

A good friend of mine recently ran into an ex. Despite having parted ways years ago, she still felt kind of weird when he mentioned that he was getting married this fall. She claims she’s totally over the dude—and I do believe here—but hearing that your former flame has officially moved on is just one of those odd situations, isn’t it?

Oh hey you. What’s new?

Bumping into an ex is awkward enough. But some statements can make the encounter even more uncomfortable. Including these gems:

1. “I’m getting married.”
2. “Remember your old roommate/best friend from third grade/former coworker? We’re dating!”
3. “I finally moved out of my mom’s basement/stopped complaining about my job and got a new one/totally got all my s&%t together!”
4. “Um, it’s probably a good idea if you get yourself tested.”
5. “Right before I moved, I found all of those DVDs and books you kept saying you left at my place. But they accidentally got put in the ‘donate’ pile.”

Tell me dears, what’s the phrase you’d least like to hear your ex say if you two ran into each other? Even if you’re on good terms with your ex, would hearing that he’s engaged (or already married) make you a feel weird? And where’s the oddest place you’ve bumped into a former beau? I ran into one of mine on at the polls on election night!