Hairspray—The Unexpected, Multi-Use Product


Hairspray has been a beauty staple for decades—holding up the bouffants of the ’60s, freezing the feathered bangs of the ’80s, and keeping Snooki poofs in place more recently. If I can remember correctly, hairspray was one of the first beauty products I owned (a necessary item for a young dancer), and it’s something I still use regularly. But did you know that, in a pinch, hairspray can be used for a lot more than just styling your hair? Back in my ballet days, we used to spray the bottoms of our shoes with the sticky stuff to keep from slipping, a trick I still rely on if I’m in high heels and the floor is super slick. I brought this up in conversation at the office the other day, and to my surprise, many of my fellow Allure editors had unusual uses for this versatile beauty product:

To stop a run in your tights. Clear nail polish is the more common way to keep a tear in your tights from running, but hairspray works too. Hold the nozzle close to the material, lifting the fabric up off you skin as you spritz. You only need a tiny bit—don’t douse yourself with the stuff or you’ll end up with a crunchy stain.
As bug repellent. Editorial assistant Cat O’Neill has, in an insect-induced panic, sprayed an unwanted pest or two with a can of hairspray. Not the most PETA-friendly methods of extermination, it’s a quick solution for someone as terrified of bugs as Cat (and myself as well).
To groom your brows. Here’s an easy, mess-free way to keep your brows in place: Take a toothbrush and mist the bristles with hairspray. Run it over your brows, smoothing them down and into place. For those who dislike the goopiness of brow gels, this is a nice alternative, and your brows really keep their shape
To get rid of static cling. My Static Guard always goes missing just when i need it most but I always have a can of hairspray handy. Hold the can an arm’s length away from what the skirt or dress that you’re spraying, or else you could end up with a dark, sticky spot on your clothing.
As a spot remover. Contributing editor, Jillian Mackenzie, uses hairspray to get pen marks out of her clothes. How does it work? Place a cloth underneath the fabric you’re cleaning and spray a tiny bit of hairspray onto the pen mark. As the ink starts to dissolve, blot the stain with a paper towel or cloth until is gone and rinse with cold water and a dab of laundry detergent. This trick doesn’t just work on clothes either—it will also help to get pen out of your couch, even a leather one.
To clean your manicure. Just like it works as an ink remover on fabric, hairspray will also take any stray pen marks off your manicure, without stripping the polish. Just spray it onto a cotton ball and swipe away.