Hello Dolls, I know it has been awhile since my last written post, but things have been really tough lately. After going to 2 doctors and 7 hospital visits, finally I have been diagnosed with a compressed bulging disc in my back. I have never, ever experienced this type of pain in my life, the pain is with me 24 hours a day, it is totally unbearable. My family and boyfriend have had to literally take care of me, taking a shower is a massive rush to wash and condition the hair, and if i can stand it shave the legs but lately its been a no go. I can no longer walk on my own but using a cane or crutches. Since moving around on my own is not even an option I have been using an office chair around the house ( at least to get from my bed to the bathroom ). I have no energy after that, I feel absolutely drained physically and emotionally. I hate the fact that I do not have insurance, so driving an hour and a half to the nearest hospital that will have a doctor on site to see me has been at least some what a positive. I do have to wait 2 weeks for my mri and to see the Neuro, hopefully I can make it till then. I have been researching the net    asking anyone who can assist me in this problem, to icing my back na d hip, laying only on my side, doing stretches before i get out of bed, and of course the medicine ( which does no relief what so ever ). This last 6 weeks has been the most difficult because I have a full-time job and responsibilities that I cannot even think of being priorities because i am consumed by the amount of pain and suffering I am in on a daily basis. My leg and foot feel like either they are burning or numb along with the pain shooting down my back and hip. I will see a chiropractor next week but am fearful for the fact that I do not want to be in pain after this adjustment, just scared they will do more damage that is already there. Please keep me in your thoughts and i will try to remain positive during this time. I miss the feeling of being happy, or just picking up and go to wherever I choose. Just want to stop crying and feel this allday, everyday and move on to enjoying my life once again.