This is my problem, I have alot of jewelry that I purge twice a year but need a better way of organizing it. I need to see the jewelry in order to wear it…..

A Few Genius Ideas for Organizing Your Giant Tangle of Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and More,

Courtesy of Glamour’s Own Accessories Editor, Maria Dueñas Jacobs

Try as we might, keeping that ever-growing collection of jewelry pieces under control can be tricky. Sure, some rainy Sunday, you sit there and untangle everything and it feels great when everything is in order but how do you maintain that organization when you’re a super fabulous outfit-changing girl on the go with a limited tolerance for un-knotting stuff? When our intrepid Accessories Editor, Maria Dueñas Jacobs, opened her home to the ladies at The Coveteur recently, we discovered two very chic tricks…

And no, they don’t involve labeling, boxing-up or a ordering closet organization system that’ll set you back the cost of a new pair of Louboutins. Maria does two very simple things: One, she incorporates parts of her collection into her home decor, giving her more room to spread out and primo visibility when she’s in a rush, and two, she embraces the chaos by keeping her jewelry squared off into different sections (or as I like to call them, capsule collections), meaning that things get messy but never too messy.

The system, in her own words, and a couple of outtakes from her profile on The Coveteur…

I try to keep my jewelry as organized as possible but inevitably when I’m rushed pieces get mixed up. Keeping them in categorized bowls and trays at least gives the illusion of a “controlled mess”.

I hate when my jewelry gets tangled. I get panicked every time one of my smaller, more personal pieces gets mixed up with the bigger pieces so I make sure to keep certain items in special
stands or trays.

I actually got the inspiration for my jewelry display from an old Domino (magazine) tear sheet. I love the look of over-spilling jewelry. My friends have compared my jewelry chest-of-drawers to a pirates treasure chest!

So there you have it, ladies. Kind of awesome, don’t you think? Now let’s turn the tables: What’s your trick to keeping that accessories collection organized? Are you a super-edited person or does your stuff spill out into all corners of your abode? Do you use boxes, drawers or trays to maintain order? Do tell!