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The DUI Must-Read for Every Woman

Are you careful about how much you drink before you get behind the wheel? Of course, right? But what if you found out that you were almost-always near or over the legal limit … without even knowing it?

Health magazine took on a topic in their July/August issue that I absolutely commend. Editor-in-chief Ellen Kunes wrote: “I have a confession to make: It is just possible that I have gotten behind the wheel of my car when I was close to, if not actually, legally impaired–meaning I’d had enough to drink to register a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08. How could that happen? Because I hand no idea how little wine or other spirits it would actually take for my BAC to reach the legal limit.”

And the amount of alcohol that can give you a DUI and put you at risk is not a lot, either. One big glass at the restaurant can render most women legally drunk, reports Health, thanks to bartenders who over-pour.

Let this be a reminder, wake-up call, whatever you want to call it that a single glass of wine can throw you over the legal limit, gals–putting you at a DUI risk and making it more likely that you will injure yourself or others behind the wheel.

My latest rule-of-thumb: If a glass of wine sounds really good, I make myself follow this rule before ever getting behind the wheel:

*Whatever the bartender or server brings me in my glass, I always (always!) leave a quarter of it in the glass. Yes, I make myself stop sipping before the glass is empty. This both helps me stay sober, and helps me avoid saying “yes” to another glass when the server comes around to ask if I need another round.

Have you ever put yourself in a dangerous situation while drinking/driving? Do you worry you drink too much?

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by Sarah Jio
Glamour July 2011