You know I read this article and it is a hard choice. I mean I am a total product whore, If I could have it and buy it all I would. But travel around the world has been a dream, what would you choose…

Would You Rather: Win a Trip Around the World Or Every Beauty Procedure and Product You’ve Ever Wanted?

Let’s live in our imaginations for a moment. If you were given a prize of some kind, would you rather it be a free trip for two around the world (all expenses paid) or to win every beauty product and procedure you’ve ever wanted?

One the one hand: Travel! See the world! Eat lots of great cuisine! Learn how to say “thank you” in 20 languages!

One the other: Laser hair reduction! Microdermabrasion! Makeup as far as the eye can see!

Which one would you rather go with?

Glamour July 2011