Maybe I should make a list for Nola girls…..

Here are DiMarco’s 10 things a Jersey girl knows for sure:

1.) A real Jersey girl loves having attitude but being sweet at the same time. She always sticks up for her girls no matter what!!! Chicks before d**ks!

2.) A real Jersey girl loves big hair, a good tan — spray tan, because its healthier — and always leaves the house done up, looking her best!

3.) A real Jersey girl knows the real Jersey Shore… before it got turned into a huge joke TV show.

4.) A real Jersey girl loves animal print (of any kind) and has at least one room dedicated to the print in her house.

5.) A real Jersey girl has fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake tan, fake hair (extensions)… but are the most honest and real girls you’ll ever meet!

6.) A real Jersey girl can rock any outfit she wants and hold her head high, because she’s confident.

7.) A real Jersey girl knows every bouncer in NJ clubs and they all know her!! VIP all the way.

8.) A real Jersey girl can change from work attire to her club outfit in her car because she always carries around a full makeup kit, teasing comb, hairspray, shoes and clothes.

9.) A normal girl takes one item of jewelry off before leaving her house, but a Jersey girl puts on three more pieces of jewelry on before leaving!

10.) A real Jersey girl lives by the words, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.”