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Group Therapy: Guy Is Sending Mixed Signals After Three Dates

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A friend set me up with a guy, and we’ve now gone out on three dates. They’ve been pretty long dates, with a few long phone conversations in the mix. All along I haven’t been quite sure how I feel about him, though I’ve had fun hanging out since he’s a pretty outgoing guy, but also a deep thinker.

On the last date he said he wanted to be honest and that he wasn’t sure if he was interested in me or just in being in a relationship. Honestly, I’ve felt the same way all along and told him so. Even though I really appreciated his honesty it did sting just a little – which is ridiculous since I feel the same way. Oh, also: kissing has been a bit awkward because I’m a bit shy. Anyways, the day after our last date he sent me a few slightly racy texts about how he wants to kiss me, etc, and it caught me a bit off guard since the previous day we had just talked about not being sure what we thought of each other – plus, I’m a bit awkward with that stuff, as I’ve mentioned, and I had told him I’m not good at relationships in general.

Anyways, I’m a bit cynical, and am not sure how to take it all. I also suddenly feel like now there’s a bit of pressure, whereas before I was just going to see where it goes. Should you know after three dates if you want to keep going? And if I would decide to end it, how would I go about that since we live in different cities and I have some of his stuff? (Though I haven’t really decided yet what I think . . . )

Please be honest, but kind.

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