This has happened to me and it only helps in an emergency situation. But I tend to make my own text decisions on smaller scale issues:

Texting might just be my favorite form of non-verbal communication. It’s brief and immediate, especially when setting up last minute plans with friends or family. But when it comes to texting and dating, things get a little tricky.

Earlier this week, The Hairpin presented a few common text messages that come up while dating, such as “what are u up to” or “Want to grab dinner tomorrow or sometime this week?” The Hairpin then hilariously imagined the conversations between the woman who received the text and a friend who’s helping her craft the perfect response.

I love it. So many times my friends and I have mulled over all the flirty, but not too flirty, interested, but not desperate, clever, but not pretentious ways to respond to a text or even an email from a dude. It’s refreshing to know we’re not alone.

Of course, now I’m super curious. Who else does this?

How did you vote? Do your friends ever help you come up with a perfect response to a text or email? Or maybe you’re the wordsmith who helps them respond to the fellows they’re seeing?

Glamour 2011
Photo: Jupiter Images
by Rosemary Brennan