I do like this metallic pink…

I’m Really Into Julia Roberts’s Metallic Pink Nails. Who’s With Me?

Tuesday, 06/28/2011 9:40 AM
Glamour July 2011

Ohhhhh…pink metallic nail polish. I like it. I like it a lot. And I like that Julia Roberts wore it to the U.K. premiere of Larry Crowne last night. Do you feel the same way or are you now wondering if I’m feeling OK?

Take a look at the cuteness.


Pink! Metallic! Nails! They’re actually kind of sophisticated looking–I think because they’re a soft pink and not a cotton-candy color. It reminds me of the dress that came with my Jem doll (as in “and the Holograms) when I was little. Maybe that’s why I like it. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s 50 percent of why I like it.

Anyway, I’m into this nail idea, and I’m wondering if I’m alone. Am I? Are you feeling it? Or not so much?