I receive a sample of this and I’m definitely getting the other flavors:

Sara Happ
In 2005, A Cult Product Was Born. The Inspiration: Necessity. A lover of all things exfoliation, Sara Happ’s bathroom was well-stocked with scrubs. “I love the feeling of seriously smooth skin, the way you glow from head to toe after sloughing off dead cells. Heaven,” she says. missing from her collection was any such product for her lips. She went to her (rarely used) kitchen and got to work. Months later, her sugar-based recipes were perfected. She mixed batches of product the way most people bake cookies, Labeling and Filling each jar by hand, tying each box with her signature white bow. Today, the line can be found at over 400 luxury boutiques worldwide.

~ Lip Scrub – Sparkling Pink Grapefruit
by Sara Happ

The Scoop
A clean, fresh grapefruit with the sweetest hints of sugar. The perfect balance for tart citrus notes. Crisp, tangy, sweetly energizing.