So, it’s Father’s Day, I remember as a child growing up my three brother’s and I would make our homemade cards for Daddy along with our version of Sunday morning breakfast. Of course, we would try to give him the best gifts in our eyes but, how many ties, wallets, or knic knats we could afford. My father was a very stern hard man, but he loved us and worked hard to provide for his family. We didn’t have alot of money but we had a loving family. He was such a messy cook in the kitchen, loved to barbaque, and would teach us the important things lessons in life. I think my fondest memory would’ve been when I was 11 years old, had a dentist appointment, even though he took off of work which we could never afford to do, he took me to A & W Rootbeer and we shared a burger and rootbeer floats! Growing up my brothers and I had to work after school jobs because we were taught to work hard and good things would come. As a teenager my dad wasn’t oblivious to the errors of my ways, partying with my friends, he would sit me down and tell ne he expected more from me and wanted more from what I was putting into my life. I remember introducing Daddy to my first serious boyfriend, let’s just say he was the protective type, but when the romance had ended with me left with a broken heart, he brought home our favorite dog Elvis! I guess it was his way to make it all better for me. From that point I was 19 years old doing nothing in my life but going out everynight, so I was lost I had no clue what to do in my life. But, my aunt and uncle who lived in Florida suggested I move there to help with my ailing grandmother. I had no car, job, or knew anyone where my aunt and uncle lived. It was the hardest day so I thought, packing up my belongings and leaving my family and life that I only knew of. I remember saying goodbye to my mom who never stopped crying and I hugged my dad goodbye and he was silent. I thought he wanted me gone but in fact, my mOm told me my dad cried and cried when I had left that day. My time in Florida at first was miserable, I missed my family so much and was terribly homesick. My dad had called me and had said he believed in me and knew I could do anything I set my mind to it. The next day I received a package from him with a letter he wrote saying how proud he was of me to make a decision to leave everything I knew for a better life. We may have not had the best of money or things but my parents loved us so much and did everything to instill in us that family is everything. My father passed away just a few months before I had got married, that was over 17 years ago. It was very unexpected and broke my heart. I still wonder what he would be like today, how I have grown into the woman I am, how our relationship would be. I could see us watching Saints games like we dis when I was younger, or what type of conversations or advice he would give me when I need that father figure in my life. I miss him dearly, but I still have my mom who after all these year he’s been gone she has played the role of both parents more than I could have asked for, I love and miss you Daddy! I hope you are proud of my accomplishments in life and hope you are looking over me and the family.