Today has been an extremely difficult time for myself. I have been to 1 doctor and 3 emergency room visits in the last two weeks. I have been diagnosed with Sciatica, now I know from what I have heard that it goes away and there are frequent flare ups, but for my situation it ( the pain ) has been constant everyday for the last 3 weeks. And I mean everyday, every hour the pain is constant. I have never been so emotionally and physically exhausted. It takes every but of energy just to make it 10 feet to the bathroom, when at that point I simply cannot get up on my own but to have the boyfriend help me stand up. Just the thought of having to make a 45 minute commute to my office makes me sick. The pain I am experiencing is written all over my face. I cannot walk on my own nor is there any position that I can feel relief or comfort. My problem is I do not have insurance so that isn’t a physician that I can simply go to, I make just enough income to not qualify for Medicare. So I’m screwed, I did get help from the hospital I was in last night and hopefully in a dew days I will be able to start feeling like my old self. This nerve damage is severe that it is constant and doesn’t fade away. Doing the simplest of tasks is impossible, like shaving my legs ( not happening ), applying my make up now, consist of concealer and maybe gloss, my hair ( forget about it because I simply cannot stand or sit long enough for it to dry and style, thank god for hats and Bobby pins ), exercising ( I loved my evening workout walks- now is the time to loss the lbs. ), cooking and baking ( does not exists because I am able to stand for a minute maybe 2 ), taking a shower is miserable ( neither is getting in and out if the tub any easier ), and last shopping ( miserable that I cannot go to my favorite stores for the lack of energy and pain I am suffering ). I am miserable and depressed because I truly want for this to go away. The medicine that they prescribe is the usual: 800 mg ibuprofen and pain pill. But the problem is I have to drive 45 minutes to work and cannot take the pain medication driving and working. I have done the exercises, taken the medicine, and rested but it is as painful now as it was 2 weeks ago. How I have taken doing simple tasks for granted and now having rely on someone to assist me in everyday possible. I am not a vain person but I love myself ( could stand to lose about 30lbs. but happy overall ) and I take pride in my appearance. But now I cannot stand how I feel and look. I am trying to remain positive but it is impossible when I feel horrible all day long and no sleep at night. Ugh, so over it! Sad face 😦