I came across this quote and thought about my parents:

“Your father always tries to see the good side of people; to find the excuse. But sometimes there isn’t a good side. There isn’t an excuse.
(Mom – to Lara Lington)”
— Sophie Kinsella (Twenties Girl)

My father always thought the best in people even when it came to family. Now, growing up we didn’t have the best of financial backing but my parents worked very hard for our family to have a roof over our heads, food, and maybe once a month we would get to go out to dinner, trust me if it was Bud’s Broiler we were happy. See my parents raised us to depend on family because in the end they are the only ones who will be there for you, your support system. We were taught that nothing in life was free, because we did struggle a lot but my mom was the best. She couldn’t have done any better, she put her children first and till this day she is my #1 fan and I don’t go one day without speaking to her at least several times a day. My father was a hard man but he loved us, he was the one who made all the decisions, he worked for and I think he wanted for show his children when people are on hard times you have to try to help out with as little or as much as you can. My parents were musicians as well, they would play for nursing homes, mission center, shelters, and churches. They felt the music and the songs they would sing could at least bring some sort of happiness to each person. During the holidays we were expected to go to these places, but you know it wasn’t so bad, because as little as what we had, we were rich compared to the people in these facilities. Because we were loved, had a home, and were a family. My father did his best to see the good in his own family especially his brother. Who never kept down a job, afford groceries, or a vehicle. My parents would give them whatever food they could spare, a place to stay, even when the cars we had were junk my uncles would fix it half ass and would have my dad pay them. I could never understand why my dad never gave up or just didn’t stop with the support, he was always given some sort of excuse by them. It was disappointing because he always thought the best but in reality they were trash. It wasn’t until my father died very suddenly 17 years ago how that gratitude from my uncles were received when they stole all my fathers belongings, from his tools, the drums he played with my mother on their off time, and many other things. I am sure my father rolled over in his grave. We have never spoken a word to any of his family except for his sister and husband who never took advantage of my parents love and support. Even now after he has been gone, my mom would do anything in the world to help her family, or someone down on their luck but to a point. She has instilled in us, her children that you can believe in someone but once they mistakes occur move on and do not try to find an excuse for their actions. I love you mommy and daddy!