>I had lunch with one of my girlfriends and were catching up and male bashing as we do. After a few glasses of wine, I asked about her new fling, she had been went on to say that this new guy she has been seeing or dating ( what really is the difference, I think it’s pretty much the same) for a month  has been a complete dream boat. He calls, texts, he even brings her favorite flowers, white tulips, they go on dates. So, when he had to have his tonsils removed she visited him at his home with a “get well” basket with popsicles, pudding, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, his favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a few magazines of his liking, a picture she had taken with him and his friends  in a frame, and of course a get well card she signed with a heart next to his name, a heart drawn by her name.  Now, you gotta know that my friend uses a little shaped hearts at the end of her name and friends names, as we use emoticons, exclamation points, or whatever, to express ourselves. To me I would love that thoughtfulness to be reciprocated for myself when I am sick. So, she felt like this was a sweet gesture, since we know how much men tend to be babies when they are sick. But, it was the complete opposite according to Mr. Dream Boat, he looked at the basket, read the card, and can you believe he gave her the silent treatment and said he wasn’t up to company, asked her to leave. No thank you or anything,  I asked her what did she say to that, he just rolled over and she left. Now, most woman would replay this like a movie over and over again, over analyze it to no end, but not her she just took it as he didn’t feel well and that was it. Well, when she called him the next day, no answer, he put her through his voicemail. Finally, after 3 days since her visit, he texts her to say he wasn’t interested in her, he completely thought she was being a little too much, that she was moving a little too fast. All because she of the framed picture and the hearts on the card. OMG! Men are complete idiots, I told her he was just an insecure moron who didn’t deserve her at all! I have to wonder why is it ok for men to be sincere but when a woman returns the sincerity, its like she is this two-headed monster out of her element. Here is a great quote to put it in perspective: ” When men attempt bold gestures, generally it’s considered romantic. When women do it, it’s often considered desperate or psycho”. Thanks Carrie Bradshaw- Sex & the City, I couldn’t have said it better!