>Here I am in my prime so to say, have a great job, making decent money, new car, great family and friends. So why is it that at the tender age of 39 my body feels like it’s failing me. I gave up the sodas, fast food, I walk 5 days a week and my body is not doing it’s part. I mean my face had always been so nice with combination type skin, now it’s dry and has redness. My eyesight has slightly, i said slightly seem to need a little guidance. My legs have been my best part of the relationship between my body and I, now there is one varicose vein. My hip hurts so bad lately,that I ask my
Mother what does she think and all of the Nurse Mommy diagnosis, says suggests sciatica! Really! Then the always lovely and compassionate ( that would be me using sarcasm ) boyfriend teases that maybe I need a hip replacement because “I am getting up there in age”. Hello, you are only 3 years younger than me! Then there are the Boobs, these girls have had the best if times, I mean the compliments we have received because of you girls, the free drinks, the dinners, that one time you girls got me out of a traffic ticket. At least gravity hasn’t hit us yet. I can proudly say I still got even without a bra on they are still perky. But back to the other parts, I may not have treated you like a Temple, body, but I always made sure we dressed nicely, wore pretty shoes, had a nice tan, and sacrificed the workouts for drinking and dancing. But that was only to show you the appreciation I have for us. So How can it be that after all the good times together that this is how you repay me with these aches and pains. I refuse to go down without a fight, I may be turning a year older but I definitely won’t let it affect my body, the Temple ( well the Temple of Life ). Can someone please get me an icepack, the heating pad, and my glasses…..