>I am so disappointed in the recent turn of events that is happening in our society. Especially, here in Nola the crimes that are occurring on a daily basis is out if control. And it’s not just here but, it’s everywhere. What the hell is wrong with these low life’s running amuck, shootings, killings, theft, and rape. A local chef was held at gunpoint, when asked for cash he was shot 3 times and left for dead. We have police officers milking the system out of money, raping individuals ( man, woman, and child ), basically breaking the law and getting away with it. Random killings happening because the accused are supposably mentally incompetent. There are mothers and fathers killing their children and loved ones. For unknown reasons or whatever it maybe, how is it that these people are not suffering the consequences. I am outraged because why aren’t there more people done with these criminals ruining lives, when will it end.  Where is the justice in these crimes, how is it that we have this so-called judicial system and these criminals are not paying the price. I used to think our laws were here to help and protect those in need but just the opposite its helping those criminals go free. We as a society need to stand together and make a change and make a difference. We need to stand tall and show that these crimes will not be tolerated. Maybe my views and opinions differ from most, but I believe an “eye for an eye”. Why should the good suffer because of the bad. I feel strongly that if you commit a crime: ex.)  kill someone, and go to prison, you should be held accountable for your actions, serve the fullest and maximum time allowed. You turned your life around, well good for you, but you killed someone, you took someone’s life away, so you deserve to not have a life. Prisoners want Internet, email, candy, mail, and t.v., I call bullshit, why should you have any type of life’s necessities. You did the crime so you deserve to do the time! All of it!