>So, I set my DVR on Wednesday to watch the last Oprah show. Now I admit back in the day when she first began her talk show, I was an avid watcher. But as time passed I had a job that didn’t get me home until 6 o’clock in the evening if that. I mean who is really home during the day getting to watch the soaps and the various afternoon talk shows ( maybe the stay at home mommies or daddies ) because I am lucky to catch the evening news. But she was pretty good, she made you feel like “your family” wasn’t the only crazy one out there. She made it a point to address the good, the bad, and the ugly. I mean who wouldn’t want to be an audience member whenever she was on her “giving sprees”. I had asked a friend of mine if she was gonna watch the last episode, and she replied” you know I have never really watched Oprah…” I cannot believe this she has heard of her but never watched 1 show. I think almost every person has seen one of her shows. She is a legend, from the South, and discussing topics that most would never even think of going there. But towards the end I think her last few years were more about religion and politics. These two areas are best left on the back burner. Not every person is going to have the same views, so let’s not try to convince them other wise. I loved her inspirational shows, the viewers faces of emotions. But mostly, her rise to the top, doing what she loved, and inspiring others to follow their dreams. Yes, it is an End of an Era, I am sure she will be back but it will not be the same Oprah afternoon talk show. I miss that feeling of I leave work early and can sit down for a second on flick on the tube and watch her show. She will be missed and I will go on to follow my dreams just as she has always inspired others to do as well.