>As I am traveling my way to work this morning, I stop to fuel my car and I notice that a slightly older woman is asking several people for spare change. I drive to the other side of the gas station, to which she follows around and asks “can you spare any extra change”… to my reply,was ” NO, i’m sorry”. As, I return to the pump from paying the cashier, she attempted again to ask me and another person at the pump for “spare change”. When the other person and myself both declined her request for “spare change” she had the gall to insult us. I mean how is it that I have a job, fairly new car, bills, as does everyone else, that I apologized for not having any extra change in my pocket, to have this woman insulted me. Correct me if I am wrong but, I am not the beggar for “spare change” at the gas station in the early morning hours. Because I am on my way to my job that supports my cost of living and enjoy the pleasures of life that I can afford. So excuse me for not having a heavy heart for you, poor woman, get a job make an honest living instead of begging for spare change. Beggars can’t be Choosers!